Why Use Grantsville Utah Real Estate Agents

Why You Should Use Grantsville Utah Real Estate Agents

Use a Grantsville UT Real Estate agent

Why You Should Use Grantsville Utah Real Estate Agents

In an area like this, an agent that works for a Tooele County brokerage will be fine.

As a home buyer or home seller, you have the choice of finding a real estate agent to lend support and promote your interests. My best advice is, get someone local. Get someone to work with you that knows the territory. Work with an agent that can get to your house in 15 minutes or less. (if you are selling) and hire a buyers agent that has seen most of the listings already, been on property tour and doesn’t need to schedule a half day of driving time every time you find a home you would like to see.

Simply meeting with real estate agents does not ensure they represent you. There is typically a document (buyers agency agreement  or listing agreement) that creates the relationship, the roles of real estate agents, and their duties.

Below are details on why you should use Grantsville Utah real estate agents.

Real Estate Agents Responsibilities

Federal real estate law specifies that agents perform specific responsibilities to their clients once they enter into an agency relationship. Here are some of those.


Real Estate Agents must retain the best interests of their clients above any other party, including themselves. Compensation, particularly in competing offer situations, should not be an influence and would otherwise be a conflict of interest. Keeping information private is also considered part of loyalty.

In other words the amount of commission an agent receives should not influence the homes that are shown nor advice given by an agent.

Providing Confidentiality

Agents must maintain confidentiality of client information. They must not reveal anything about your business, finances, or motivations unless mandated by you or mandated by a court to do so. This fiduciary extends beyond any closings or contracts. This item looks a lot like the lawyer/ client privilege we are all familiar with.


Agents must obey instructions from clients. For example, there are cases where clients ask Realtors to write a contract that the agent disagrees with. Agents must comply with those requests despite the difference of opinion. Put another way, the customer is ALWAYS right!

Timely Action

Agents must perform tasks and comply with wishes in a reasonable time frame. This may be critical in situations with more than one offer. This is also important once a contract is in place with certain deadlines.

Reasonable Care

Agents have a base amount of knowledge of real estate topics and on the home buying and selling procedures, but they do not have expertise in related fields (such as legal issues). For guidance on matters outside of their expertise, they will refer you to other experts.


All agents must provide details on important facts about a property,…often known as material facts. The responsibility to provide this information also applies to any details that may impact feelings about a property or influence negotiating power.

This is an area where it is essential that an agent familiar with Grantsville Utah be your partner. Information about things like Boundaries, water rights, animal rights, easements and issues pertinent to a rural farming community don’t need on the job training.

Monitoring of Funds

Real Estate Agents must accurately keep track of the whereabouts of all funds submitted in a transaction. This refers to earnest monies given and the release of said funds where necessary.

In short I am suggesting that in the event of disputes, any monies deposited in a trust account would be more convenient located in a local Tooele County bank or branch.

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Why You Should Use Grantsville Utah Real Estate Agents

Hiring a local real estate agent has many advantages. In addition to the items above, real estate agents have an even more vital role of buffering communication between buyers and sellers.

a subtle but important advantage is that most local agents have a current list of homes for sale. No need to call around trying to find houses to look at that fit what you are looking for. For example, ask us about what homes are available in Grantsville and we will pull up every home listed for sale in Grantsville Utah.  

Likewise a local partner will have an understanding of all facets of the real estate business in a certain locality, and have an opinion on how events will impact a clients decision. An example of this is on my website where an interested prospect can see some of the things I have written about in my blog. If you would like to see these, click on about Grantsville Utah.

The home buying and selling process can be extremely stressful. Having the influence of a person that promotes your interests but is not emotionally involved will maintain civility and lead to beneficial conclusions. I suggest a local agent.

This summarizes why you should use Grantsville Utah real estate agents. 

Hope this has been of help. If you have more real estate questions, give us a call.

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