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A question I love to hear is “why choose Group1 as your Tooele UT real estate agent”? Actually it should be about which brokerage to select, but I’m seldom asked that.

And, with almost 180 agents in the Tooele area, and thousands more licensed in Salt Lake county swearing that they know the market and are more than willing to drive the 35 miles 3 or 4 times a day to show their clients your home, how can we blame them?

You might ask, do I go with the biggest brokerage, hoping that since the more agents a company has, the greater the chance that one of them will have a home buyer that is interested in exactly the type of Tooele home I’m selling.

How about listing with a relative, or best friend?

Well maybe you should ask yourself “do I want to share my most private financial information with my Uncle George or Aunt Martha”?

Maybe you should think more about that one!

These are the obvious Questions you might be considering and things you probably will weigh before you pick Group1 real estate as the agency you pick to broker your Tooele property.

But what about the more subtle reasons an agent or brokerage might be a better choice for you?

If your interested in those answers, you might want to read what follows.

Last year, Clean Slate, a real estate site published a blog “how can a real estate brokerage firm stay relevant in a tech driven world.

That article talks about the value of technology to the seller/Broker relationship. I want to share that with you and add my own comments about how we at Group 1 stack up to these parameters.


How Can a Real Estate Brokerage Firm Stay Relevant in a Tech-Driven World?

Tech-savvy millennial home buyers are a rapidly growing target market. And people from every generation are harnessing the power of various technologies. It takes more than great real estate business ideas to be successful. Agents are expected to know and use the latest technological conveniences. How can a real estate brokerage firm stay relevant in a tech-driven world?

Keep Up with the Changes

Technological advances happen with break-neck speed. It seems as soon as one form of technology is accessible and easy to master, another one is introduced. Keep up with the changes to determine which technologies can benefit your business.

At Group1, both Chris and Berna Sloan remain hungry for the latest tools to help them and their agents perform better. 

Collaborate on the Cloud

It was once a time-consuming challenge to coordinate out-of-state and international real estate deals. Now people collaborate on the cloud in real-time. Share documents, network with other professionals and get work accomplished and shared in just minutes.

With the latest apps, and a designated back end coordinator, Group1 is current on all the latest sharing mechanisms

Embrace Paperless Processes

Signing contracts and other paperwork was another common challenge agents and their clients faced. Trying to schedule several people to sign paperwork slows down the closing process. Now agents embrace a paperless process that enables people to provide e-signatures in only seconds.

Chris and Berna were one of the first brokerages with the capacity to complete a transaction start to finish with just a cell phone.

Go Beyond a Basic Website

Everyone recognizes the need to have a professional website for a real estate brokerage firm. Now agents are creating separate sites for significant listings, such as commercial properties and luxury homes. Free website platforms make it simple to develop promotional sites in less than an hour.

Group1 currently features 3 main websites to assist clients with their property search and to provide blogging platforms to provide Tooele County  real estate information to its clients.

Recognize Mobile Matters

Well-established real estate businesses often have the same site for years. It makes sense to hire a professional to update the site every year to ensure it is keeping up with the times. For example, it is imperative to have a mobile website design that looks as clear on a smartphone as it does on a desktop.

This is where Group1 shines. All websites are used daily therefor audited on a daily basis. No need to wait for notice from an irate client.

Automate Due Diligence

When agents get a new listing, they need to conduct research to develop an accurate description of the property. Specific information is accessible via automated resources such as local attractions, a map of the area, and the property size. Always verify this information to ensure it is correct.

One of the main reasons you should use Group1 as your Tooele UT real estate agent is because of the back up on the back end. All listing info is checked by non sales individual.

Keep Up With Video Advances

Imagery is crucial to generate interest in listings and get people to want to see more. Keep up with the latest video advances such as video tours, 3D video, and virtual reality, and aerial videos taken by a drone to offer a bird’s eye view.

Rest assured that all technological advances will be examined and implemented if it is determined that inclusion into our “tool box” would be a reason why clients would choose Group1 as your Tooele UT real estate agent.

Be Social and Interactive

Real estate professionals should have their own social media presence on sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Use the latest features offered by social media sites, such as live streaming video on Facebook and posting authoritative articles on LinkedIn.

All agents at Group1 are encouraged to be an upstanding citizen, and to use as many social media sites as they feel comfortable with.

Extend Your Reach

Dare to go beyond local real estate sales and venture into out-of-state and international deals. Start by working with people in the neighborhood who want to relocate. Then extend your reach by accessing data and potential clients online.

If we have a weakness it would extend to reach. We do well at incoming but not so good at outgoing. Our philosophy is so “Local” oriented that we very rarely step out of our Tooele neighborhoods.If you are looking to list a home, or buy a house outside of Tooele County we may not be the best fit for you…. By design!


Learn Online

Real estate agents are required to take particular continuing education courses to maintain their licenses. And other courses provide meaningful updates that help agents be knowledgeable resources to their clients. Agents who are short on time can take a wide range of courses online at their convenience.

Group1 ownership is all about education. Chris and Berna continually exceed (by far) the State requirements for continuing education. All agents are encouraged to follow their lead.

Gather Analytics and Actionable Data

Gather analytics and actionable data about business websites and social media accounts. Determine where traffic comes from, how many visitors certain campaigns and posts get, and more. Use this data to develop future marketing efforts.

Once again Group1 is a leader in this area having a non sales person auditing the effort.

Use Email and Text Message Marketing

Email and text message marketing are easier than ever before with apps that take care of following-up with clients and associates. Now agents can never forget to send a follow-up message expressing thanks, informing someone about a new listing, and more.

All of the Group1 real estate websites are equipped with Email and text capabilities, and individual campaigns can be built around specific circumstances.

These are just a few of the ways a real estate brokerage firm can remain relevant in a market driven by technology. Express smart real estate business ideas, share updates and communicate with clients by harnessing the power of the latest technologies. Discover how tech-savvy agents can generate more leads and referrals.

The post How Can a Real Estate Brokerage Firm Stay Relevant in a Tech-Driven World? appeared first on Clean Slate.

Now you see what we are always crowing about, ie: small town service, big town tools.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your current situation, buzz me up. Berna Sloan 435-840-5029. I would welcome the opportunity to explain further why choose Group1 as your Tooele UT real estate agent.