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I discovered last years NAR 2019 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report over the weekend and found some interesting stuff that may help me understand what Tooele home buyers want from an agent. I found it interesting.

I’m passing it on in this post because you may be interested as well. If I were to categorize the subject I would say it was in the section of I don’t know what they are, but I will know them when I see them.

The annual report gave us insight into market niches by answering questions such as

  • Who is the largest home buying group?
  • How is that group broken down?
  • Are single females impacting the housing market?
  • How many millennial’s have children living at home?
  • What about multi-generational housing?
  • What percentage of house buyers use an agent?
  • Is that number increasing or decreasing?

The rational behind this post was to pay attention to what the market was telling about how to be a great agent and to share with you information that will help you be a better (more knowledgeable) consumer.

I hope we both benefit.

What Buyers Most Want From You

Technology may be aiding home searches, but buyers know they can only go so far before they need a real estate agent. Eighty-seven percent of all buyers purchased their home through a real estate agent—and 92 percent among buyers 28 and younger, according to the National Association of REALTORS®’ newly released 2019 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report.

The biggest benefit of using a real estate agent during buyers’ home search was the help they provided understanding the process, with young home shoppers ranking that benefit particularly high. Also, buyers appreciated agents who pointed out unnoticed features and faults with the property.

A chart showing the benefits real estate agents provide buyers.

National Association of REALTORS® says

Referrals continue to be an important way to get new clients in real estate. Most buyers, regardless of their age group, found a real estate agent by receiving a referral from a friend, neighbor, or relative. Sixty-eight percent of buyers interviewed only one real estate agent.

Some of the characteristics buyers say they value most about their real estate agent: “Honesty and trustworthy,” followed by the agent’s experience and their reputation.

A chart showing why buyers chose their real estate agents.

National Association of REALTORS®

Buyers also rated communications from their agents as important. In particular, they gave high marks to agents for calling them to personally inform them of all activities in the transaction or house hunt; sending postings as soon as a property is listed, price changes, or a home is under contract; and sending property information and communicating via text message.

2019 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report,” National Association of REALTORS® (April 1, 2019)

What Do You Think About This Tooele Real Estate Info ?

I hope you got something from this. If nothing more than understanding that it’s obvious that all agents are NOT the same, and that while you need one, it is best to make sure that you are partnering up with the best person for the job.

If you have an agent, and you are thinking of buying one of the 200+ houses for sale in the County, I hope they are local.

If you don’t have someone to represent your interest, I’d like to apply! It’s what I do. And I have done it in Tooele County for over 25 years. In fact between my broker (husband) and myself we have over 50 years of home buying and selling experience.

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