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This is for you if you have ever asked, “what does Berna think about Real Estate in Tooele County”.

Chris, our broker out in Tooele reposted some of Bernas articles about Real Estate in Tooele UT yesterday. I don’t know if I should re post a re post, but since there were some interesting tips here and i have Tooele page on my site i thought it was worth a try. I particularly liked the ‘help for first time homebuyers’ as the link takes the reader to an area about  the USDA program that offers 100% financing to home buyers for property in Tooele County. I think first time buyers will also benefit from the article about ‘6 reasons to buy in Stansbury Park‘ as it talks about one of the reasons being how close to Salt Lake, and how easy the commute is. When you tie the drive time, no money down financing in the County and then use the other articles to compare the prices of home in Tooele with the cost of houses in the south valley, we may have helped folks make a good real estate decision.

That’s what were supposed to be about. Right?

Here is what both of them (Chris & Berna) had to say about Tooele County Real Estate

My partner, Berna had some helpful articles on her Tooele Real Estate blog this week. It looks like she was appealing to larger families with her posts on 5 & 6 bedroom homes for sale in Tooele County and Stansbury Park. I was particularly interested in the way you could use these posts to compare prices of similar houses listed along the Wasatch front.

Three of the 5 articles she wrote last week were about Stansbury Park Real Estate. I really liked the one ‘ 6 reasons to live in Stansbury’ and buying a home on the internet in Stansbury.

Bernas article, helping first time homebuyers in Tooele UT covered a lot of ground and is of value wherever a first time buyer is thinking of taking that step.

Enjoy these, and if you would like to follow Berna on her Tooele UT Real Estate blog just click here. 


  • Help For First Time Homebuyers in Tooele UT

    These tips for first time homebuyers in Tooele UT will really work for first time homebuyers anywhere. There is also some pretty good information for agents that are working with buyers looking for that first home . I would suggest that both home buyers…
    30 Apr 2014, 4:47 AM
  • 5 Bedroom Homes Listed in Tooele County UT

    Here are a few 5 bedroom homes listed in Tooele County UT to help you buyers that need more sleeping space get a running start as to where to shop and what you can expect to pay. Tooele County is a great place to shop for that type of home. And the price…
    29 Apr 2014, 9:09 AM
  • Homes For Sale in Stansbury Park on The Internet.

    If you are searching for homes for sale in Stansbury Park UT on the Internet, we invite you to use our websites. Yes, we have more than one, and they are linked to help you find a home to buy faster, and with less effort than anywhere on the net. Check…
    29 Apr 2014, 9:02 AM
  • 5 Bedroom Home For Sale in Stansbury Park UT

    This fabulous 5 bedroom home in Stansbury Park UT might be the family home of your dreams. Not much fixing up to do. Just bring your furniture, love & laughter and you will be living in the home you have always dreamed about. • 2,533 sq. ft.,…
    28 Apr 2014, 1:03 PM
  • 6 reasons to live in Stansbury Park UT

    Here are 6 reasons to live in Stansbury Park UT . Six listings of homes for sale in an area that has everything going for it. No matter what kind of house you are looking for, chances are you can find it in Stansbury. And chances are you can find houses…
    28 Apr 2014, 6:13 AM

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