Tips For Selling Homes in Tooele Utah Over The Holidays

Is it time to list your tooele house
Listing your Tooele home over the holidays

We all could use a few tips for selling homes in Tooele Utah over the holidays, or on the reverse side, not putting your house on the market over the Christmas season.

I thought I would help with that.

I have selected a few articles that I found on the internet that addresses that very thing.

You’d be surprised how many real estate agents have differing feelings about it, and how varied those opinions can be.

In the spirit of full disclosure I will mention that none of the contributors were specifically speaking about Tooele County, but the inference is pretty big that at least in this case, all real estate IS NOT local. The hustle and bustle of the season, and the worry about security during a time when so many are in need and we are so vulnerable, is much the same everywhere. Whether it’s Stockton Calif, or Stockton Utah, it’s the same time of year.

Here’s what I found when I began looking for help. ENJOY!

Tips for Selling Your Home Over the Holidays

 Tips for selling your home over the holiday season. The pros and cons to selling during the holidays and how to ensure a sale in the coldest …

This is a great article about keeping your home on the market over the holidays. Or NOT. Actually Elizebeth Weintraub makes the most honest answer I have seen yet about selling a house during November and December. You will be surprised, but I agree with her on this.

Should You List Your Home During the Holidays?

.. … that you shouldn’t even try to sell your home during the holiday season. … Before you make any big changes, talk it over with your real estate …

Read More… We have had to to go way back into the Zillow archives to bring you this post about why it makes sense to sell this time of year. Brenden Desomine wrote this article almost 5 years ago, and the points are still well taken. The best take away for me was, that buyers NEVER stop looking, and while you may not attract actual appointments to see your house, you will likely create a backlog of potential home buyers for January. The lesson? Keep your listing in front of potential Tooele UT home buyers year round.

Why the holidays may be the best time to sell a house | Clark Howard

 There are many reasons why this is a great time to sell your home.

Read More…Theo Thimou, content director for has a couple of neat things to consider when you are thinking of selling homes in Tooele Utah over the holidays.  1. Houses listed from December 21st thru March 22nd had a 99% chance of selling within 180 days. And 2.  Houses listed during that same time frame had a 10% greater chance of selling near asking price than those properties offered for sale during other times of the year.

He also posted an interesting look at “pocket listings” that you may want to share with your agent. I’m NOT suggesting that technique but it could be worth considering over the holidays.

Should I Sell My Home During The Holidays

See tips for selling a home during the holidays. … to buy homes that they can see raising a family in or having family over for the holiday season.

Read More. .. As usual I’ve saved the best till last. At least I think so. This blog post from Bill Gassett owner and Broker @ writes about holiday home sales better than anyone in the business. (actually for any real estate information Bill is the ONE). In his latest post about Holiday house selling he covers,


You can also read other tips on listing or buying a home during the winter. It won’t take much to insert the name Tooele County before each paragraph and make these local help sheets.

So now you know a little about how I feel about listing this time of year, and have the opinion of a few Industry professionals. I hope that has helped.

If you would like more info or have questions about how best to list your house this season, give me a call; Berna Sloan 435-840-5029 I’d love to talk about Tooele Real Estate. Plus… I may have more tips for selling homes in Tooele Utah over the holidays.