Time To Move For Tooele County Home Buyers

How interest rates help
What About Mortgage Rates

This may be the time to move for Tooele County home buyers. There are signs that the sellers market for the growing area is about to end.

The attractions of overall real estate values and proximity to Salt Lake are not going away, but rising interest rates are shrinking the pool of available buyers.

Just like a lack of available inventory drove prices up, higher monthly payments reduces the number of families that can qualify.

It’s just supply and demand once again influencing the real estate market. Here is a look at the supply of homes for sale in the County.

I’m going to pass on an article I received last week about what’s happening on a national level, and the include some blog posts from around the country that can explain better than I can why this may be the right time to move for Tooele County home buyers.

Thinking About Purchasing A Home? Make A Move Soon

I’d love to talk more about if it’s time to move for Tooele County home buyers. Or anything else that has to do with real estate in Tooele County.