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Thinking of buying or selling a home? Talk to Berna about Tooele County real estate.

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Interested in horse property? Let Berna tell you about homes for sale in Granstville UT.

If you would like to consider living in a community where you can just walk out the door and you are on your local golf course. Talk to Berna about the latest listings in Stansbury Park.

Not sure you have the best tool for searching for new homes in Erda and Lake Point Utah?

All of those questions and concerns can be answered by sticking to info on Berna & Chris Sloans Group1 Real Estate blogs on one of our websites. (we have 5).

If you are already familiar with our work you have probably selected the one that is your favorite. If not here are some posts Berna posted that should give you an idea what you will find, and what you can expect .

More Berna Blogs From Tooele UT

Last week Berna had a lot to say about the market, the area and houses listed in Tooele, Stansbury Park and Grantsville Utah.

Since there are so many advantages to living in this bedroom community of Salt Lake, I thought we should share them with you.

Nobody knows Tooele Utah like Berna.

See what she has to say!

Be First To See These Grantsville UT Homes For Sale

You can be the first to see these Grantsville UT homes for sale . They were all listed over the weekend and presented on our Grantsville search page , as they are every day. That’s right, you can find out what new listings are available in any city…

by Berna Sloan to Tooele UT Real Estate Homes For Sale 

See Latest Stansbury Park Homes For Sale Listings

Here is the best place to see the latest Stansbury Park homes for sale listings as they are entered into the MLS. It doesn’t matter who the listing agent is. The day the house becomes available, it is posted on our website, Tooele homes 4 sale . These…

by Berna Sloan to Tooele UT Real Estate Homes For Sale 

Be First To See Tooele Homes For Sale

If you want to be the first to see Tooele homes for sale , you need to do a few things. If you do, you can be the first potential buyer to visit the best houses available. For serious buyers, this can be extremely important. Serious home buyers want to…

by Berna Sloan to Tooele UT Real Estate Homes For Sale 

How & Where To Find New Homes in Tooele UT

If you are wondering how & where to find new homes in Tooele UT , this post should be helpful. I have posted a couple of listings of homes under construction that were just listed on the MLS. You will notice that these are NOT our listings, but are…

by Berna Sloan to Tooele UT Real Estate Homes For Sale 

Find 6 Bedroom Houses For Sale in Tooele County

There are a number of ways you can find 6 bedroom houses for sale in Tooele County . The easiest way would be to register your search criteria on our website, tooele homes 4 sale . Login to the selection form , and begin to outline the features that you…

by Berna Sloan to Tooele UT Real Estate Homes For Sale 


If any of these posts created any interest and you would like more information, give Berna a call. 435-840-5029.

She knows about Tooele County.

These are just samples of the type of information we provide on our websites as well as our blogs. We want to show you that we invest the time and money to search for material that is topical and stands a good chance of being helpful to our friends looking at real estate in Tooele County.

We hope also that these posts will be a platform that shows our professionalism and the local knowledge available to you when we are picked as your local agent.

Looking for a place to live? Thinking about an area that is a good investment? Want to compare home prices?

Talk to Berna about Tooele County real estate.