Should You Buy a New or Pre Owned Home in Tooele Utah

Buying a home
Should you buy used vs pre owned home

This is the question of the day, “should you buy a new or pre owned home in Tooele Utah“?

Well maybe it’s not the question of the day, but it is a frequently asked question as Tooele home buyers search the internet for homes to see much less buy.

Searching for the right new house in Tooele County is much different that looking thru the inventory of homes for sale supplied by the MLS. But that’s the topic for another post, on another day.

While inventory of houses listed for sale is said to be in short supply, I thought I would link you to all of the listings in the county so you can compare quickly which type would most nearly match your needs.

Notice that only a few new construction homes are listed as being ready occupy but almost 100 under construction..Some home buyers say that during construction is the best time to buy a house. Fit, finish, colors and features may be selected in many cases.

There is so much interest that we are going to make that the question of the month. We will post a lot of info about the benefits of purchasing a new house vs buying one that is pre owned during the remainder of the month.

In the mean time, here is an article published by Heather Taylor that outlines some of the reasons give for choosing what kind of home to buy. Heather touches on preferences like

  • Size of home
  • Room layout
  • Neighborhood
  • Curb appeal
  • Construction Quality
  • School district
  • Proximity to work, friends, family



Different Buyer Preferences? New vs. Existing Homes

If you have ever wondered what drives a home buyer to select a particular home look no further. The American Housing Survey provides insight into the home buying process. The top two reasons for choosing a home were its size (cited by 76 percent of buyers) and room layout/design (74 percent). The house’s price and the neighborhood were each cited by 72 percent of home buyers. For buyers of new homes, room layout/design, neighborhood, exterior appearance and construction quality tended to be even more important than for other types of buyers. Among first-time buyers, on the other hand, price was more often a consideration (see Graph 1).buyer choiceThe neighborhood a home is located in, also plays a major factor in home selection. The top two reasons for choosing a neighborhood were “the house itself” (cited by 85 percent of buyers) and safety (71 percent). Safety, looks/design and to some extent good schools tended to be more important to new home buyers than to other types of buyers. Proximity to work and friends/family tended to be more important to first-time buyers (Graph 2).neighborhood choiceHome buyers looked at 10 different homes before deciding which one to buy (median). About half of the buyers used their saving for a down payment, 17 percent used the sale of a previous home, and 11 percent purchased their home without a down payment.A deeper investigation into home buyers, the homes they are buying, and why they are buying them can be found here

Now you know what some home buyers consider when asked should you buy a new or pre owned home in Tooele Utah.

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