More Real Estate Tips For Tooele County Home Buyers From Group1

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Tips on Buying a Tooele Home

Here is just what you need. More real estate tips for Tooele County home buyers from Group1 .  If you thought you noticed the tongue in cheek as you read that, you are right. Although not as “right” as I first thought. There is more great advice than I thought and some awesome links to industry professionals.

After re-reading these, I found some real nuggets that could be valuable down the road.. Save these somewhere. Pull them out later to give you a jump start when buying a house.

There is something here for everyone.

This post on rising mortgage rates with it’s information & graphs on the impact of rising interest rates gives you a pretty good overview of what a modest 1 point increase on mortgage rates can do to the homes you can qualify for. Great primer with some outstanding comments from other sources.

Rising interest rates

Tooele UT Home Buyers Should Follow Rising Rates

Don’t tell me that Tooele UT home buyers should follow rising rates. I know they should ! But until yesterday It was not clear to me WHY! I should know, … [Read More]


Here, in the “facts about buying a home in Tooele” we deal with rumors and myths about real estate and home ownership in Tooele County. Very good info and places to go for additional information. Great for first time buyers and folks evaluating Tooele County as a place to live.

Own a home

Facts About Buying a Home in Tooele County Utah

There are at least 2 kinds of facts about buying a home in Tooele County Utah. Facts that pertain to buying Real Estate in general. Facts that you only … [Read More]


This post was directed specifically towards Millennial, (folks born between 1981 and 1996). It deals with the idiosyncrasy of that market segment. If you are NOT between 23 and 38 years of age, you may want to skip this article and move on to the next.

Millenialls buy houses

Why Millennials are Choosing Home Ownership in Tooele County Utah

Last week Chris & I were wondering why Millennial’s are choosing home ownership in Tooele County Utah. More to the point we were wanting to know what we … [Read More]


Like the previous post, this info probably only interests a few of you. IE: Horse lovers. More specifically folks that want to buy a house and want to be able to afford to keep their animals right out the back door. It really does point out the advantages in Tooele County. You can check out the available inventory, be astonished at the low price, and even compare comparable properties. Tooele VS other properties in Salt Lake County. You’ll want to spend some time on this one.

Horse Property

Horse Property Listed For Sale in Tooele County Utah

Ever wonder about Horse property listed For Sale in Tooele County Utah? I just saw this post that Berna put up about horse property for sale in Tooele … [Read More]


There are lots of good links here from some well known real estate professionals. This article another one worth saving if you see a home purchase in the future. Keep it handy! Article like this always show up in more real estate tips for Tooele County home buyers from Group1 posts.

Tooele County home buying

Help Buying a Home in Tooele County Utah

Need some help buying a home in Tooele County Utah? Like to get more familiar with some of the popular locations out here? Then keep on reading. Chris … [Read More]

There you have it. Your up to date. Or about as close as you can get. It’s hard to stay on top of all the posts we put out ( I think we have 4 blogs).

In case you wonder why we do this. It’s simple. When the time comes that you want to buy a house in Tooele County and you need to pick an agent to work with, we want there not to be a choice. You will say “I pick Group1 Real Estate”. ” Chris & Berna know stuff!”.

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