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I am always on the lookout for new home construction tips for Tooele home buyers. With “good housing inventory” in such short supply a lot of my clients have shown an interest in buying new homes rather than waiting for the right pre owned house to hit the market.

There are a lot of new construction listings around the county.

Of the 153 listings in Tooele County, 91 of those were built in 2017. That’s almost 60% of all of the homes for sale. Put another way over half of the homes offered for sale out here are only a year old.

For those buyers concerned about price, listen to this. The average asking price of a pre owned home listed for sale in Tooele County is $331,997. The average average price of the 91 houses built since 2017 is $332,112. Less than 200 dollars difference. How about that?

Plus…. it’s not difficult to find what you are looking for located in the exact community you want to live.  New home listings are spread out pretty much around the more popular cities. Here’s how the break down by listings of new homes:

That should give you a good idea of the new home options available. As you scroll thru the photos, keep in mind that some of these properties are under construction, many are being built and some are spec homes that are complete or nearly finished and ready to look at and close in a short time..

Tip #1: Hire An Agent

Tip number one is probably the most important one. If you don’t have an agent to represent you GET ONE! And……. If it looks like you might have an interest in new construction, find some one to work with that knows that part of the business. Few agents have had new construction experience and will lean on the builders rep to hold their hand. Not a good idea. The agent that represents the builder is just what that says. They represent the builder and are charged with the task of seeing that the interest of the builder comes first. You need to be FIRST! It’s FREE.

Tip #2: Don”t visit Model or Spec Without Your Agent:

I have written a lot about this and probably will mention more in the future. In fact here is my link about buying new construction.  Take the time to read this before you go out looking at new homes. It could save you a ton of $$$$$$$.

I need to explain again that the builders agents are probably nice people, honest folks, certainly very capable and will be extremely helpful after you buy your new house. But…. they work for the builder!!!…So….

Don’t walk into a model home or look at a spec home w/o your agent, or without at least revealing to the onsite salesperson that you are working with an agent and that you will be having your own representation.

More New Home Construction Tips For Tooele Home Buyers:

The first 2 tips were mine. The rest of the new home advise is a collection of articles from around the web that deal with the process of buying a new home and looking at new construction. Some of this information will be extremely valuable.

Good Luck


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There you go. Hope you learned something and feel like maybe I know more than this and we should get together. That’s why I research real estate and write these articles and pass them on.

I want to work with you and I want you to feel that I can be trusted with perhaps the biggest financial investment in your life.

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