More Help Buying a House in Tooele County Utah

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Tips on Buying a Tooele Home

This post is specifically for folks that need help buying a house in Tooele County Utah. No matter whether you are looking at homes to buy in Tooele City, Grantsville UT, Stansbury Park, Erda,  Lake Point or Stockton UT you are in the right place.

These articles can help choose a neighborhood, pick an agent, or just act as a reminder of questions to ask, people you need on your team, and why you want to live in rural american lifestyle.

This is not new information.Chris and I wrote some of these a while back, but they are mostly timeless tips that will help you look through the hundreds of Tooele properties you may need to see before you find “the one”.

Here’s what you can look for and questions you may have answered:

  1. Why Millennials are buying in Tooele County
  2. Why you should let Berna help you buy a home.
  3. Profile of a Tooele real estate agent.
  4. Why new construction is important in the County.
  5. How to pick the right real estate agent.

Each one of these tips will hopefully make the buying process easier for you, and introduce you to a real estate team you can trust to help acquire the largest asset you are likely to have.

Why Millennials are Choosing Home Ownership in Tooele County Utah

Millenialls buy housesLast week Chris & I were wondering why Millennial’s are choosing home ownership in Tooele County Utah. More to the point we were wanting to know what we could do to attract that important segment of buyers to our market. We … [Read more…]


Let Berna Help You Buy That Home in Tooele Utah

Buy a Tooele home from BernaDon’t you just hate it when people talk about themselves in the 3rd person? Instead of saying “let Berna help you buy that home in Tooele Utah” I could easily say,”Let me help you buy a Tooele house”. It doesn’t really … [Read more…]


Want 5 more tips to help buying a house in Tooele County Utah?


Is This Your Tooele County Real Estate Agent

Pick a local agentThink you might be needing a real estate agent soon? Thinking of buying or selling a house in Tooele County? Take a look at,”is this your Tooele County real estate agent”. I’ve dug up an old blog post that Chris wrote about … [Read more…]



Tooele County Can Use 100 New Homes-Want One?

New construction impactTooele County can use 100 new homes, want one? I know everyone immediately thinks that we need new construction out here to solve the inventory problem. You know the one I’m talking about. The problem that is caused by … [Read more…]



Pick The Right Real Estate Agent In Tooele County Utah

Pick a local agentOf all the questions I’m asked, how to pick the right real estate agent in Tooele County Utah is probably the strangest. I mean really, they must know I’m going to say Chris, or me or Krizia. How can they possibly think I could … [Read more…]

There you have it.

5 tips that give you or your agent more help buying a house in Tooele County Utah. Yes I said “your agent”. If you have an agent, feel free to share these tips to help ask for pertinent advice during the process. We don’t want to steal any ones client.

But, If you don’t have an agent, we’d like to apply for that job. Here are links to 3 things you might like to know about us.

1.Who is Group1 Real Estate and why should I trust them?

2. Who are Chris and Berna, and what do they do?

3. Tell me about Berna Sloan and what she has done.

Or you can just give me a call; Berna Sloan 435-840-5029, just say you may need more help buying a house in Tooele County Utah.