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Chris had a great idea about a way to help Grantsville Utah Home Buyers. He re posts some of the more helpful tips about buying  from my blog onto his blog.

His thinking makes sense in that he is trying to reach those peeps that could have a need for real estate information, but don’t subscribe to my website.

I think we can carry that a step farther.

Since many folks don’t check in everyday, some of my own people will miss some articles. Maybe missing something that could have been of real help to them.

So … I’m going to Chris’s blog & re-post what he copied from me in hopes we can pick up some stragglers

Here goes.

Tips On Finding and Buying a House in Grantsville Utah

Buying a House in GrantsvilleHere are some tips on finding and buying a house in Grantsville Utah posted by my partner Berna Sloan last week.

Berna shares something about Tooele County real estate almost every day. She shares it on her Tooele blog.

These tips and tidbits of info are designed to help her clients understand the task of buying or selling a house out here. Also they are intended to attract new clients. New families that are looking for an agent or a company that it wants to work with. An agent that knows the market and understands the business.

At Group1 Real Estate, we think this is the best way. We try to introduce you to what we can do, by sharing with you what we know. We hope to gain your trust and confidence so that when it comes time for you to select a local agent, we are the names that come to mind.

Here are a some tips about buying and finding a house in Grantsville Utah you might find helpful. Some are specific to the neighborhoods in Grantsville, others you can use for looking in other cities in Tooele County.

The first article talks about how important it is to hire a local agent with experience, and how knowing the local landscape can make a big difference.

The other 3 tips introduce the tools we offer to help you search, save and then tour homes in the county.

With 3 websites, 4 blogs and access to every listing on the market in Tooele County (no matter the salesperson).

All of the homes for sale are updated every 15 minutes so you can be among the first to see new listings, price changes or pending offers.

We truly have the best tools out there.

So enjoy, and remember who knows stuff.



To Buy or Sell a Property in Grantsville UT Use a Local Pro

If you are going to buy or sell a property in Grantsville UT use a local pro. Use someone that knows what’s happening with local zoning. Find an agent that attends some of the planning commission meetings, both city & [Read More]

Ways To Find New Homes in Grantsville Utah

Home buying Tips

There are a number of ways to find new homes in Grantsville Utah. And various means of providing tools to make that search as painless as possible. With 28 of the 45 houses in Grantsville  listed as being built in [Read More]


Ways To Search For Grantsville Utah New Homes

Are you thinking about buying Grantsville real estate?  If you are looking for ways to search for Grantsville Utah new homes, this page should help. In fact this website should help you find all of the homes built in 2016 [Read More]


Find Grantsville UT Homes The Easy Way

The Best Way To Find a Home in Grantsville UT. The best way to buy a home in Grantsville UT is to continue reading this post and then using the tools you will discover. We have set this search site  up [Read More]


So, there you have it. Some tips on finding and buying a home in Grantsville Utah. Brought to you from one of Tooeles premier agents. (Agent of the year 5 of last 7 years)I hope they were helpful. If they were, don’t forget where you got the info.

We know a lot more stuff to help you with your real estate needs in Tooele County and Grantsville Utah specifically.

Call her, Berna Sloan 435-840-5029. And,,,,,,,, stay close to her blog. Daily she has tips on real estate. You never know when she might have more tips on finding and buying a house in Grantsville Utah.

I think this works. Hope so!

If you follow us we will make every effort to make sure you get all of the important news about Tooele real estate, and what it means to you as you pursue the american dream.

We want you to like us, trust us and work with us. I promise, you will be glad you did!

Call me: Berna Sloan 435-840-5029.

I can be a big help for Grantsville home buyers.