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Based on the calls we get, and those conversations we’ve had we are going to post help for first time home buyers in Tooele County. More like help if you find an answer that you might have if you haven’t purchased a house before and you are considering moving to one of the 5 major areas out here. These are the areas that contain the bulk of the population..

These locations and available homes for sale are:

There are other areas in the county that you might want to check out if you are looking for larger properties with acreage or ranches.You will find a way to search for them on our website @

One of the best ways to see how I feel about help for first time home buyers in Tooele County you can visit pages of what I have written about the topic from my Tooele real estate blog.

If you have followed me and would like some fresh ideas, what follows are articles from industry experts that deal with buying  a house for the first time.

Items like:

  • USDA Loans in Tooele helps for folks that need down payment help.
  • Buying a new house in Tooele County
  • First time buyers nationally
  • How lower mortgage rates help buy first home in Tooele County
  • The ageing of first Time buyers, older in Tooele?

Hope you enjoy these!

USDA Home Loans: What You Need To Know – November 2
[…]   This is an attractive option for most first time home buyers who are low income and aren’t able to afford huge monthly payments […]
Homebuilder Shares Tips For First Time Home Buyers – November 18
[…] In fact, a large part of the new entries into the market are Millennials and first-time home buyers […] Rae: Are there any programs or resources for first-time 
Barry Habib on First Time Home Buyers – National Real Estate Post – November 7
CLICK HERE to try MBS Highway! Barry Habib on First Time Home Buyers Comments comments
The Housing Market Needs More Than Low Mortgage Rates – The New York Times – October 31
[…] ” The escalation in prices is a particular challenge for first-time home buyers, who must struggle to come up with an ever-larger down payment […]
Young homebuyers are vanishing from the U.S. – – November 8
[…] The median age of first-time home buyers has increased to 33, the oldest in records dating back to 1981, according to a National Association […] While the median age of first-time home buyers only rose by one year, the increase refle

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With the link to one of my blogs and links to a number of real estate pros, I think we’ve given a lot of help for first time home buyers in Tooele County. If you are working with an agent, I encourage you to share and validate anything here that I have not been clear about.

If you don’t have an agent, I’d like to apply for the job.

You have an idea what interests me, (real estate) and what I know about it. You can find out what I have done in the 25+ years I’ve been doing real estate in Tooele on my bio, about Berna. Or, you can just call me, Berna Sloan 435-840-5029.  Mention you read my article about help for first time home buyers in Tooele County.