Do You Remember Tips About Grantsville UT Real Estate

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Do you remember my tips about Grantsville UT real estate we published last year? There was some pretty good stuff if I do say so myself.

We talked about a number of things as I tried to share some information that I thought would be helpful to those folks considering buying or selling a house in Tooele County.

I offered some advice about:

  • Best Way To Close a Grantsville Home Purchase.
  • The Mid Year Market Report For Grantsville Utah.
  • Reasons Not To Be a For Sale By Owner.
  • Selecting Upgrades For Your New Construction Home in Grantsville.

I wanted to be helpful, and offer prospective clients a look at what I could bring to the table when they were looking for someone to help with any property purchase. (or sale).

Why ?

So you would consider me when you decide who you want representing you because you know that my 27 years in this business is not just about showing houses, but it’s about acquiring knowledge and experience to serve you better.

Here are some of the things I have shared. Enjoy!

Quick Outline Why Not to Be a FSBO in Grantsville Utah

sell a house this summer  After seeing what I have seen this last week, and based on some phone calls I have had, I think it’s time for a quick outline on why not to be a FSBO in Grantsville Utah. I could probably pick any city in the … [Read more…]


There, now you know some stuff about Real Estate in Grantsville Utah.

Want more?  Click on my blog about Grantsville information to see what else I have to say about Tooele Counties second largest city.

If you feel like getting better acquainted or would just like to talk about real estate, give me a call, Berna Sloan 435-840-5029.

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