Buying New Construction Homes In Grantsville Utah

Grantsville Utah new construction
Why buy a new home in Grantsville UT

There are things to know about buying new construction homes in Grantsville Utah.

Imagine how excited the family is going to be your first weekend in a new home; a home no one has ever lived in, spilled on or tracked mud into. Yet !

All of these things will be a first in your new home.. A first for your family and a first for your new Grantsville house.

Of course there are other reasons to buy a newly built home rather than a previously owned property, but most of those reasons are personal and in fact probably unique to your family.

There are however 3 things that are constant in any real estate transaction, and you need to pay close attention in the beginning if you want to insure that a very complex situation will be Easy Peasey!

They are:

  • Selecting the right real estate agent:
  • Choosing the best lender:
  • Finding a good builder

Actually, I have heard it said that if you get the first one right, you can be assured that the other 2 will be a piece of cake.

I have posted a few articles myself on my blog about buying new homes you might like to read.

Also I am linking to Grantsville UT homes for sale that are currently listed so you can take a quick look at what we are talking about.

Selecting The Real Estate Agent

Typically New home communities are laid out so that visitors are directed into the builder’s sales office before they reach the model homes. The person that greets you here is usually the builder’s real estate agent.Let me say that again: the builder’s real estate agent. Although that agent  may be a perfectly fine person, full of knowledge about the home building process and the product you are touring, that is NOT your real estate agent. Don’t think for a second that you could save money or have a smoother transaction if you allow that sales person to represent you and your interests.You can read where I have covered this topic in more depth on my new homes page.

The best way to avoid the temptation and resist any pressure the agent may try to place on you is to have an agent in place and have them accompany you the first time you visit a model or group of model homes.( or for that matter any spec homes ). If that is not convenient, upon meeting the builder agent mention that you’re working with a real estate agent & you will be represented in the transaction.

Ethically, the builder’s agent must back off trying to recruit you as a client.

Compensation for the home-buyers agent is baked into the price, so eliminating your representative will NOT alter what you can buy the new property for.

The builder pays the real estate commissions so there is no reason not to have your own representation during the purchase process and many reasons to have it.

Among other things about having someone watching your back  is that Real estate agents have what are known as “fiduciary” duties to their clients. The duties for the buyer’s agent are different from those of the seller and believe us, they do conflict.

The best explanation I have heard and one that simplifies the notion is……Think of it as being represented in divorce proceedings by the same attorney that is representing your spouse. Not a good idea.

Choosing The Best Lender

Many builders may have a preferred lender that you will be urged to use to finance the purchase. Unlike using the new home real estate agent, there is nothing inherently wrong with using the lender recommended by the contractor. Just make sure you’re being offered a good deal. Your agent can help.

There could be advantages to using the builder’s lender including the fact that it may have appraisers who are familiar with the new community. Maybe the seller has negotiated a favorable interest rate or special terms for new home buyers in Grantsville Utah.

Never feel that you have to use the builder’s in-house lender. As a new house buyer you are within your rights to use any lender you prefer.

Your local Real Estate agent can recomend a couple of loan officers that they have worked with that they know will do a good job for you.

Finding A Good Builder

Like most professions, some builders are good, and some are not. Your local agent will know which one you are looking at partnering up with. They will know which contractors are better to work with than others. They will have knowledge about  which builders can be trusted and can advise about the ones that take short cuts or do a lousy job.

Unfortunately in a new construction market like Grantsville Utah, your choice of builders is limited. Further limitations include lot selection. Maybe the lot you want to build your house on belongs to a builder that has a poor reputation.

Or floor plan; maybe the floor plan you “MUST HAVE” is only offered by a builder you are not wild about. These are things to talk to your agent about.

If you aren’t familiar with the builder, and your agent has not worked with this Grantsville builder before do some checking on his or her background.

Start with the Grantsville UT Better Business Bureau and then check public records for lawsuits against the builder.

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    There is a lot more to buying a newly-constructed home than an existing home. Carefully choosing your real estate agent and then investigating the builder will go a long way to helping the transaction run smoothly.

    Well, that should get you going. If you follow tip number 1 and partner up with a good local agent you are set. You can do this.

    If you don’t have that agent, I’d like to apply for the job. I’ve done it for hundreds over the last 25 years, and I would love to help you.

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