Buying a New Home in Tooele County

Build in TooeleHi, Berna here; With just a quick and dirty post for you folks that are thinking of buying a home. Particularly if you are considering buying a new home in Tooele County Utah.

It is a compilation of articles that Chris or I have posted on one of our websites about buying a new home in Tooele County Utah. I say it’s quick and dirty because I didn’t proofread or do much to enhance the original piece.

When Chris sees this he will probably change some things and definitely ad to it.

But, since it’s Saturday, many of you will be thinking about searching for homes on the internet, maybe in preparation for a drive by. I wanted you to consider a couple of things.

1. In Tooele County you can possibly buy new construction for the same price as 2nd hand houses in most parts of the valley.

2. Tooele is a great place to live and play.

I didn’t want anyone looking at houses to buy without considering a new home in Tooele County.


I also wanted to give credit to Frank Bott for the racing photos you will see on our websites from time to time. He and Maynard the best!

What About New Homes For Sale In Grantsville Utah

Buying new homes

I almost missed this opportunity. If someone hadn’t called and asked what about new homes for sale in Grantsville Utah, I would have skipped over the nice article in the May 1st printing of the Tooele Transcript Bulletin about new home [Read More]

Benefits of Buying a New Home in Tooele County

Yesterday I came across an older blog article that lists the top  benefits of buying a new home in Tooele County. Because of the market out here, and because the builder that published the post is building houses in Tooele [Read More]

There you go folks. Enough info I hope to have you take a drive thru the 5 major Tooele communities, Stansbury Park, Grantsville UT, Tooele City, Erda Utah, Lake Point UT.

If you think maybe you would like to talk about it, give me call; Berna Sloan 435-840-5029. We don’t need to talk about buying a new home in Tooele County Utah, but we sure can.

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Buying a New Home in Tooele County Utah

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