Why Buy a House With a Basement in Tooele County

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One question I used to get from people looking to buy a home out here was, “why buy a house with a basement in Tooele County” ?

Most of the time the question was from Californians looking to move away from the hustle and crowded freeways of Southern California. The rest of the folks were usually from the mid-west and that question was immediately followed with “you don’t have tornadoes here”..

My response always included a pitch about getting more space for the money and adding on as needs change.

The question still comes up, but my answers now are not so glib and the can be more crucial to whether i’m serving my clients best interest.

This post talks about why some folks are looking for basements in the homes they buy and some things you might want to consider if you are thinking of using the extra space to provide a place for another family member

 Considering a Mother-in-Law Suite ?

It is good information and I hope it gives you a glimpse of  the knowledge I’ve picked up over the last 25 + years.

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I have a few more reasons of why to buy a house with a basement in Tooele County.