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There is a lot of Real Estate news from Tooele UT. Since the Tooele office of Group1 (Chris & Berna Sloans office) is in the thick of it we thought we should Let you in on things out there. Also if you are interested in Tooele homes for sale or commercial property in Tooele County you should get to know these two.

Berna & Chris are on top of the Tooele UT real estate market. Both have their own blogs to share information with clients and soon to be clients. Here are some:

Chris and Berna have another “big one ” that is being rebuilt. It should be up soon, and will venture out into the SLC market a bit.

In the event that you are interested in Tooele as a home buyer, a seller or an investor i would suggest that you link up to one of their websites ie: tooele homes for sale to keep current with what is happening just down the road from Salt Lake City.

In the meantime here are samples of what Berna had to say about Tooele UT on our Salt Lake site sometime back. Some are dated but still have value. I will refresh them with my comments & point out why I thought them important enough to re post.

Have Fun:

Find New Homes Being Built in Grantsville UT

Looking to find new homes being built in Grantsville UT ? Want to buy new construction but don’t know where to start looking? How about new construction on a large lot. If these are some of the things you are looking in the next (or first) house you…
This post is 5 years old and the featured homes shown reinforce the concept of rapid acceleration of value in the housing market. Homes are shown listed at much less than you could buy them for today. When you click on the listing you will be taken to current listings that are similar to those shown. Easy peasey to compare prices and see in dollars and cents how your family fortune would have been increased had you pruchased 5 years ago. You can see ALL of the new homes currently listed as for sale in Grantsville Utah.

What Should I Know When Buying A New Home in Tooele UT

I get a number of phone calls, emails and Texts each month asking ‘what should i know when buying a new home in Tooele UT ‘ Almost all of these questions have to do with new construction and not just buying a house in Tooele that is new to them….
This article written by Berna still has value in that it addresses some basic to do’s & NOT TO DO’s when looking to buy a new construction home in Tooele Utah. Originally it mentioned things that a new buyer should be aware of before they hired a local agent to represent them. Now I would caution you that when you are selecting an agent, find one that is LOCAL, EXPERIENCED, and one that has demonstrated success representing buyers interests against Builders demands. Click on this link to find all of the new homes currently listed in Tooele County.

How These 10 Tips Help Tooele Home Buyers

How these 10 Tips help Tooele Home Buyers I came across this article a few days ago and while it included generic tips about buying a home, there were a couple that hit pretty close to home when thinking of buying a house in Tooele Utah . Real Estate…
Although written almost 5 years ago by Berna, there is some super advice in this post. 10 hints that can make the home buying process easy even for a first time buyer. If you have a great agent, home buying is mostly fun. If you have a average agent, buying a house in Tooele County can be a hassle. But if you have a sub par agent buying any Tooele property can be a nightmare. Best tip here, hire a great agent. Check out some additional posts from my blog I have shared with home buyers looking for tips.
  I hope you found these articles and this real estate news from Tooele UT informative. If you need more information or if these tips prompted a question or require further clarification, give Berna a call at 435-840-5029. Ask her which one of her blogs is ranks as one of the best places to get real estate news from Tooele UT.