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When Berna talks real estate in Tooele County Utah, she is talking about something she & her partner Chris Sloan are passionate about. And focused. So focused that they generally write about it.

And why not? They have been doing it full time for over 40 years. (That’s 280 dog years.), and have a lot to say and share about Tooele real estate.

You can find out how passionate, and what they know by reading their real estate blogs every day or so to stay current on the things important to buying or selling property in Tooele County.

The tips and tricks and general information that Berna Sloan publishes is generally about  the market in the various cities in Tooele, primarily Tooele City, Grantsville UT, Stansbury Park, Erda Utah and Lake Point.  We think these info centers have been helpful for hundreds of clients & friends over the years.

Lately the discussion is mostly about how the lack of good housing inventory has created some unique problems (opportunities ?) in the area.

Even though the number of houses on the market  are not much different than you would normally find, even a small change can impact what the buyers and their agents need to do, or consider when working to find the right home, or the right home-buyer.

To give you more to chew on I included stuff written and posted a few weeks ago. ENJOY!

Bernas Blog About Real Estate info In Tooele County UT

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I hope you found an interesting tidbit or two in this post.

Berna is on top of the market in Tooele County and if I were looking at houses or thinking of selling my home I would certainly contact her about working with me.

You can find out about Berna and what she has done in Real Estate over the last few years by visiting her profile on the website about Berna Sloan.‘.

Or you can just call her @ 435-840-5029.

Berna can talk about a lot of things. She can talk cooking, she knows about raising kids, (she has raised 5) she can help you be a super grandma, ( she has 7 or 8 or 9 depending how many neighbor kids show up for grama day every Wednesday.


When Berna talks buying or selling houses, Berna talks real estate in Tooele County Utah.