6 Articles About Buying New Homes in Tooele County Utah

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Buy New Construction Homes in Tooele County

These 6 articles about buying new homes in Tooele County Utah should be of help to those home buyers thinking about where to live, and what to buy.

With an inventory of pre owned houses becoming pretty scarce, and even leading to bidding wars, it is beginning to make sense to consider looking at newly built houses. AKA: spec homes as an alternative.

Since purchasing new is not the same as buying previously owned listings, I thought it might help to offer some tips by other agents in the field that could be scaled to fit the Tooele UT housing search.

Where To Find New Construction in Tooele County

Almost 90% of the new home listing inventory in Tooele County is in the 5 areas around Tooele City. Here is a list of those cities and the homes listed for sale that were built or listed in 2018.

Note that the bulk of new homes in inventory or listed as either under construction or being built are in the areas of Lake Point and Grantsville Utah.

Information About Why To Buy a New Home For Tooele UT Homebuyers

This article by Judith Stock and Karen Bearlein talks about evaluating new vs used housing from the standpoint of

  1. Weighing the pros and cons

  2. Researching the neighborhoods  and builders

  3. Knowing what’s standard and what are extras.

How to Buy in New Construction | HGTV

But before you get caught up in the sparkling new paint and granite countertops, evaluate your situation and see if new construction fits your lifestyle. Here are some questions to ask yourself, par…

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Here, Trulia and their staff writers do a great job of comparing the advantages and disadvantages of buying new construction. Not exactly comparable to the Tooele UT housing market in that they don’t deal with the inventory shortage which is severe out here, and also that the price comparison example of 20% could be a little high. .

The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Newly Built Home

Jun 20, 2014 … According to Trulia’s latest survey, twice as many people prefer new homes to existing homes. “New” means exactly that: brand new properties that have never been lived in before, or…

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This how to decide article is a very useful roadmap of 5 pro reasons and 5 con reasons for buying new construction in Tooele County. The idea of new and used prices being closer together than we might think is mentioned and worth looking at when you search Tooele County new construction.

How to Decide Whether to Buy or Build a House | GOBankingRates

Jul 29, 2017 … Because new home prices are higher, your first thought might be to buy a pre- existing home. But you might be amazed at what you can afford if you decide to build your own house inst…

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The U.S. News post that outlines 9 reasons to pick new over resale helps the Tooele homebuyer understand the advantages of new home buying just 30 miles from SLC. They are

  1. Customization
  2. Efficiency
  3. GreenAppliances
  4. Fewer Repairs
  5. Fire Safety
  6. Financing

See how each of these could effect your reasons for buying new homes in Tooele Utah

9 Reasons to Choose a New Home Over a Resale | Loans Advice ...

Aug 19, 2010 … As the mortgage crisis continues to inundate the market with distressed properties, today’s house hunter has no shortage of cheap, foreclosed homes to pick through. But despite all…

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Here is a published look at the advantages of buying older homes in Tooele. This is an outline by one of our favorites, Linda Weintraub, that lists 9 reasons why she suggests that an older home in Tooele County may be a better option for Utah house buyers.

  1. Quality of Construction
  2. Larger Yards
  3. More Characyer
  4. Long Term Neighbors
  5. Established Neighborhood
  6. Mature Landscaping
  7. Closer to Downtown

Here is what Elizebeth has to say about those things

New Homes or Older Homes

Nov 18, 2017 … Tips for home buying new vs older homes. … It used to be that new homes cost more than older homes, but that’s not necessarily true across the board anymore. … Here are advantag…

That should clear up a lot of pre conceptions about home buying in Tooele and give you some worthwhile information as you move forward.

I haven’t mentioned the most important tip though. Partner up with a local real estate agent. If you have one, GREAT! But only great if they are local, full time experienced and have a knowledge of the new construction industry.

If you don’t have representation, get some, TODAY! I’d like to apply for the job.

I can do it and have for over 20+ years in this market. Check out my bio, about Berna Sloan, see what I have done for hundreds of clients . Visit my Tooele County blog and see the real estate subjects I have written about and the knowledge base I can share with you. Believe me I’ve written more than 6 articles about buying new homes in Tooele County Utah.

Then …… Call me, Berna Sloan 435-840-5029.