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Instead of “why work with Group1 Real Estate” maybe I should label this post “how to pick a real estate agent to work with”.

I would like to think the conclusion would be the same.

While going over some old posts the other day I came across one written almost 7 years ago. I was surprised that it was still factual, and would stand scrutiny even after this length of time.

I’m going to re post (with just some minor changes). I’m hoping that if you think you should find a good group to partner with, you will remember us; Chris and Berna and the crew at Group1 real estate.

Remember us as you look over the many  new homes for sale in Tooele County.

‘Why should I work with Group 1 Real Estate?’

‘Why should I work with Group 1 Real Estate?’ Here in Tooele County, for obvious reasons, we hear this one fairly frequently.

There are nearly 12,000 Realtors in Utah, plus a couple of thousand licensees that aren’t Realtors. It seems that in a State like Utah, everyone knows someone, is related to someone, or goes to Church with someone that’s a Real Estate agent. In Tooele County alone, there are nearly 180 agents. So what do we do to set our selves apart? There are a couple of answers to this question.

1-Experience. Between the four agents working for Group 1 Real Estate, we have over 80 years of active real estate experience. It’s unlikely you’ll find another office anywhere where the agents have done more transactions, seen more different situations or handled more difficult real estate issues than we have. We’ve also experienced all the cycles the market has to offer. From up market to recession, from the 22% interest rates of the ’80’s to the historic low rates we’ve seen of late, we haven’t just succeeded, we’ve excelled!

2Education. Our agents aren’t satisfied with the State-required continuing education hours of 18 every two years. We have agents that average over 50 hrs of additional education EVERY YEAR. Berna Sloan herself just was awarded with the Tooele County Association of Realtors Education award, given to those few that are in the top 5% of education hours achieved. She’s received this award every year it’s been given.

3Local knowledge. Our agents live here and we work here. The market knowledge at Group 1 Real Estate is second to none. We don’t play much in other markets, because we know this one inside and out. Real Estate is always local, and no one knows that better than we do. If it’s happening in Tooele County Real Estate, we know about it.

4-Community involvement. As I said before, we live here and work here. From helping to organize youth baseball programs to serving on the local Planning and Zoning commission. From serving on the Board of Directors to ‘hiding’ the Easter Eggs for the annual Tooele County Chamber Easter egg hunt, we’re involved in it. Look for us grilling at the annual 4th of July breakfast in Veterans Park, or manning a booth at the Business Expo/Taste of Tooele. We love it here, and love to give back.

5-Commitment to our industry. We are professional Realtors. This is how we make our living, not a past-time. This business has given us much, and we believe in giving back. We currently have 2 agents serving on the Board of Directors of the Tooele County Association of Realtors, and one on the State Board. We’ve had two serve on the Utah State Association of Realtors Board, and even one on the National Association Board. Not bad for a tiny company from a tiny part of the State. Protecting Private Property rights is incredibly important, and we take that very seriously. That’s why we serve.

6-Technology & Tools. If you’re reading this, you’ve likely seen it at our website, www.tooelehomesforsale.com. There isn’t a better real estate website anywhere dealing with Tooele County Real Estate. Like searching property on your smart-phone? We have an app for that! We are as conected as anyone in this business, and we’re always ready to answer your real estate questions.

6-Production. Maybe the ‘extra-curricular’ stuff doesn’t impress you. How about simple production? Here at Group 1 Real Estate, we have past State and local ‘Realtor of the Year’ winners. Berna Sloan was just awarded another ‘Elite Top Producer’ award from the Tooele County Association of Realtors, given only to those Realtors in the top 5% in sales productivity. She wins this award every year.

So, why should you work with Group 1 Real Estate? These are just a few of the reasons. You want me to make it simple? Work with us because we are the best at what we do. Residential, Commercial, new construction or land, call us today!

Like to hear more about why you should work with us? Let me suggest that first, you click on our blog. See what we know. Next read our bio; learn what we’ve done.

Then…….Call Berna Sloan 435-840-5029.  Ask me (or Chris), “why work with Group1 Real Estate”?.

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