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On Fridays I love to post Tooele Utah real estate news this week from Berna.

It’s a recap of blog posts or social media articles she has posted thru-ought the previous week. Nothing new except maybe a few comments that expands on her subject or ties a national subject to our local market here in Tooele County.

It’s designed to remind you that we know stuff, and we are willing to share. But…. more importantly i want to remind you, that when its time to select an agent or a company to work with, there is no other choice that makes sense; Chris and Berna Sloan @ Group1 Real Estate should be watching your back.

Just click on the photo of any topic that you are interested in and read the post. Or, you can read what I have opined, and then open to the narrative that matches the headline.Either way good luck and thanks for the visit.



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