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Did everyone catch this weeks Tooele real estate tips on our website. Some good stuff, that I re posted from my friends @ Keeping Current Matters. If you missed them on my blog, i’m going to bundle them here and send them out.

These topics that are important to home buyers, sellers and real estate investors around the country. I try to relate them to what’s happening in our Tooele UT market so you have all the tools you need.

These do a few of things for me:

  1. Makes me do additional reading on the topics so I can respond with the latest local info pertaining to your questions
  2. Allows me to supplie real estate information for clients that helps them traverse the complicated tasks inherant in buying or selling houses, condominium and land in our county.
  3. I hope that these position me in your mind as the local Tooele County real estate authority, and when you are reasy to make a move you will look at me as a trusted source for answers re/ your transaction.

I hope you save these tips & comments.

Chances are that somewhere down the line these will be helpful .

When I read the article on “baby boomers moving” and the requisits, I was hoping that those boomers in the Salt Lake area would see how much Tooele County could fit the parameters outlined; IE: save money as they downsize, and staying close to family. Compare prices on condos in Stansbury Park, with comparables in Salt Lake County. If the family is in SLC the drive is about 30 freeway miles. No hill for a climber.

When we analyze the piece on rising rental rates you need to come away with the idea that rents are NEVER going down. If qualfying for a mortgage  and inventory remains a challenge it will only go higher faster. To come to a conclusion about how dangerous that can be for you, read the next blerb about how beneficial it could be to buy your Tooele home NOW!

In Tooele County you can be a homeowner. Low interest rates (lowest in years), great prices, and as a real kicker, the USDA still offers a 100% mortgage in Tooele County..

The bottom line here is if you would like to see about finding a home to buy,  getting pre qualified, and closing on your dream home, I want to help.

Call me Berna Sloan 435-840-5029. I know more Tooele real estate tips.


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