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This is what Berna was talking about this week on her Tooele real estate information blog. She was busy putting together some posts that I think you might find helpful.

Well,,,,,, other than monitoring my bike ride with the guys up into Canada,  grandaughter visit from Texas, and our big family dinner Sunday. I swear, sometimes I just don’t know what she does all day.

There was good real estate stuff to talk about so I thought I would share with you in case you missed it.

The post on home prices in Tooele UT and the way she compared the various cities was good, and I think will motivate me to compare not only prices but increases of cities in Salt Lake County with those in Tooele County.

The Bill Gassett article on real estate myths was very good as are all of Bills offerings. This one about holding open houses, and who really benefits, is an eye opener and worth the read.

Tips on selling your tooele property could help those folks considering whether they should list with an agent or do a FSBO.

The last 2 articles were about specific towns in the county;  homes for sale in Grantsville UT and listed houses in Lake Point Utah.


Whats Happened To Home Prices In Tooele County Utah

Whats happened to home prices in Tooele County Utah? Yesterday I posted on Face Book about Tooele UT home prices being up. Actually it was an article from KCM about what was happening about housing prices across the country by [Read More]

Myths About Open Houses in Tooele County

Lots of myths about open houses in Tooele County. Yesterday I came across another great post that Tooele UT home sellers can use. I found it on FaceBook and it was written by one of my favorite bloggers, Bill Gassett. [Read More]

Selling Your Home in Tooele Utah and More From Berna

I was reading about “selling your home in Tooele Utah and more from Berna” last week, and found some helpful real estate stuff. Almost everything I read has some kind of complaint about how great this real estate market is [Read More]

Find Out About Real Estate in Grantsville Utah

  Last week was a good time to find out about real estate in Grantsville Utah.  Berna Sloan posted 3 articles that could be of help to anyone looking to buy or sell their home in Grantsville UT. One post was [Read More]

Don’t Rent Buy a New Home in Lake Point Utah

Don’t Rent Buy A Home in Lake Point Utah I saw a post somewhere on the net the other day that said “don’t rent, buy a new home in Lake Point Utah“. I checked out the add and loved the [Read More]

I hope you found some interest stuff in here. Stuff that will make searching for and buying that new home in Tooele County easier & as problem free as possible.

Actually if you are headed in that direction I hope that you will consider us to help with that.

We have the tools, the experience and desire to be your partner in your next real estate transaction in Tooele County.

If you are not ready, please stay in touch. You can reach us with questions @ 435-840-5029.

But… By all means, follow Berna on her Tooele Real Estate information blog.

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