Tooele is a Great Community To Live In

Tooele is a great community to live in. Last week showed how caring small town neighbors can be. In case you missed it, I’m re-posting what I wrote (with help from others) I posted some of the things people were saying, and mentioning acts of kindness. I’m always talking about what a great community Tooele is, and posting about how the folks get behind the many local events that are held in all parts of the county.

Those are the fun things, and easy to call attention to.

But…. a better measure of the spirit of a town is how it comes together under stress.

Early this week, fire destroyed an entire block of about 10 homes. Read some of what happened after.

Tough day in Tooele today. Walking this street was an amazing and humbling experience. Essentially a whole block destroyed. Blessed that there was no one seriously hurt. The two takeaways for me were the resilience of the people that lost everything they owned, and the incredible support from this community. Seriously, have you ever seen a situation where the Red Cross said STOP donating, you’re overwhelming us! Was lucky to get to meet some amazing people today as I followed TCAR President Berna Sloan and UAR president Chris Nichols around the site making donations on behalf of the Realtors to those who lost their homes. Got to watch fellow Realtor Patty Deakin kicking butt at the shelter and helping people as she always does. Got to watch the incredible first responders as they continued to work after 14 plus hrs on the job. Proud to be from Tooele and proud to be a Realtor today…

For those interested in helping those that need it, an account has been set up at Zion’s Bank. Go into any branch and tell them it’s for Tooele Fire Relief. Many folks fled their homes with no ID, no money, no nothing…

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 The heart of Tooele is explained clearly in the words of Amber Savage, American Red Cross disaster program manager.

“I’ve deployed to disasters all across the world, and I’ve never seen what I’ve seen here in Tooele, She said the immediate outpouring of community support has been “incredible,” noting that many community members had already donated more than enough blankets, food, water, clothing and hygiene products even before the sun had risen Wednesday morning.” (Reported in today’s Deseret News; photos from Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News)


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