Why Tooele Is The 7th Fastest Growing County in America

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Did y’all see this? Or should I say these? The last few days a number of article have appeared that support the rumor and answers the question of why Tooele is the 7th fastest growing county in America.

Plus….Tooele County should be and now is, the place to live.

If growth is an indicator (and what could be a better clue) the word is out.

Tooele is the 7th fastest growing county in the country.

We’ve been telling folks all along but now some major news outlets are giving us a shout out. Actually quoting some of our citizens and putting together some neat little videos.

Even yours truly showed up in one. (a 10 minute onscreen interview was reduced down to about 12 seconds.) Berna said that that was about right; “only about 1% of what I say is worth remembering”.

I did like the quote by our friend and commissioner Shawn Milne who said

“By rate of growth, Tooele County right now is the seventh fastest growing county in the United States. Out of 3,069 counties, boroughs, parishes, nationwide — we’re the seventh fastest,”

Nick McGurk (ABC4 News) In his article “The secrets out”. Points out the high percentage of Tooele County workers that commute to Salt Lake daily and gives a positive comparison between driving times to and from Tooele and commuting time to various locations in the southern part of the valley. It was also said that:

Roughly 75 percent of Tooele County residents commute to Salt Lake County for work, according to Milne.

A home, according to realtor Chris Sloan, is $60,000-70,000 cheaper in Tooele County when compared with Salt Lake County.

“Median house price in Tooele County is about $265,000. You’re looking well over $300,000 in Salt Lake County,” said Sloan.

“You’re standing 35 minutes from downtown Salt Lake. And yet, you’re also 35 miles away from the hustle and the bustle, you’re 35 miles away from cost-prohibitive housing,” added Sloan.

Tim Gillie, staff writer for the Transcript Bulletin, in his latest article on local growth makes the most compelling argument for why with the sub heading of “quality of life, straight up value”. He went on to say

The county grew from a population of 64,599 in 2016 to 67,456 in 2017, according to data released by the Census Bureau on Thursday. The 4.4 percent growth for 2016-17 put Tooele County in 7th place for growth by percent on the Census Bureau’s list of the top 10 growing counties.

I liked that article as well.

For those of you that really like numbers you can see what folks are talking about by logging in to the Ken C Gardner Policy Institute @ the University of Utah

While we welcome these articles and the attention it gives our great area, it’s nothing new to us, nor to folks that already live here. It took statistics and a ranking to get the attention we deserve, when all the while we posted at least weekly about the benefits of buying and living in Tooele County. I’m going to post some more recent blogs that you may have missed that give a more down home flavor to living just 35 freeway miles from SLC.

Here’s some things we have written about the growth out here, and why Tooele is the 7th fastest growing county in America.

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I hope that you have been able to see why we are so excited about living in Tooele County, and why we love to tell everyone about it. You may even follow us on one of our blogs about Tooele Real Estate.

But nothing is the same as being on the ground looking at homes and neighborhoods with visions of family barbecues, picnics and parades creeping into your mind.

We can help with that. And would love to do it. With almost 50 years of full time local Tooele Real Estate experience between us, and a total love for what we do we would like to help you look at the opportunities offered just 35 freeway miles from downtown..

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