In Tooele County We Have Peeps That Help With Commercial Real Estate

Commercial property in Tooele UT

I want to let you all in on a huge secret.

In Tooele County we have peeps that help with commercial real estate.This means that I don’t need to fudge my track record or puff up past experiences selling commercial to get you to trust me.

Real Estate is really booming here in Tooele County. Homes will be selling in this County.  More houses mean more people and more people mean a need for offices, stores, and other types of commercial real estate.

People will be moving West.

Even those that  predict a down turn in home building in this state, usually mouth a caveat when it comes to commenting on Stansbury Park, Grantsville UT, Erda or Lake Point UT.

That increase in Population naturally creates the need for businesses and commercial real estate.

There are about 180 real estate agents in our local board and who knows how many Salt Lake agents that claim to be on top of this rural market. (That is a source for another post!).

Very few of those agents or brokerages can claim experience selling or leasing or buying commercial property.

In my 25 plus years in real estate I have done a few transactions and have probably done enough to know that there are things I don’t know and things I should know to represent myself as an expert.

So, we have aligned ourselves with another Group1 Sloan in Real Estate. Our Uncle Mike of Group1 Consulting. He is semi retired now but still works as a consultant for some of his commercial clients.

He considers us one of those.

What that means for you is: if you have a commercial question or are considering commercial property, or wanting to sell your commercial real estate in Tooele County you can work with me and get expert opinion and advice right here.

Take a look at what we can offer:


Increase Your Return – Evaluate!

Group 1 Commercial Real Estate Consulting provides the tools and information to help Investors/Buyers, Owners/Sellers to make a more informed decision when either buying or selling commercial property. We can work directly with you to make sure that you, as an Investor, reach your goals and as a Seller that you are able to maximize your return in the shortest time frame. We provide only real estate consulting and property evaluation. We are no longer real estate agents and do not compete with you,  therefore we can provide you with completely unbiased information. At Group1 we have over 50 years of experience to help you become more informed whether you are an investor/buyer, owner/seller or real estate agent.

How We Can Help You


  • Supply current market information
  • Supply financial tools and information to help in analyzing a potential investment property prior to purchase
  • Demographic information specific to the area around the property of interest
  • Traffic Counts
  • Comparison reports on 2 or more potential sites
  • Business lists
  • Identify additional investments

Property Owners/Sellers:

  • Maximize your sales price through independent and unbiased valuation of your property.
  • Decreases time on market
  • Identify competition in the area

Residential Real Estate Agents:

  • Information to help you better serve your client
  • Expand your knowledge and professionalism
  • Increase your income
  • If you are a Realtor® or real estate agent that has considered dabbling in commercial real estate but are not sure of the steps to get started, our evaluations and reports can help get you started so that you can feel confident when conducting a commercial real estate transaction

A complete package or a buffet: We provide you with the information and reports you need to evaluate a property. Not all properties need the same amount of information. You may pick just the items that will best suit your needs. Pick one report or all that address the needs.

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So!…..Now you see. No need to go to Salt Lake for your commercial  needs. You can call any of us @ Group1 Real Estate, and have access to the knowledge and expertise of Uncle Mike Sloan, a bona fide commercial real estate consultant, and me, Chris Sloan,planning and zoning commission member with a pretty good resume of listed shops and sold retail properties.

Need to talk? call us, any of us! Ask any of us commercial property questions. You’ll get an answer cause In Tooele County we have peeps that help with commercial real estate. Chris @ 435-840-5031.