Tips on New Construction Paperwork in Tooele UT

Need some tips on new construction paperwork in Tooele UT?

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With all of the new construction going on in Tooele Utah, and all of the new homes for sale in the county, it’s no surprise I get so many questions about all of the paperwork required when buying a new home.

Overview Of New Construction Documents To Evaluate In Tooele UT

New construction is commonly found within newly formed developments as opposed to single plots in a neighborhood of pre-existing homes. There are usually a range of designs to pick from plus a list of upgrades. Purchasing new construction is a bit different than buying a pre-existing one in many ways. Near the top among those are in the amount of documents required.

This information should help, with this if you need some tips on new construction paperwork.

Upgrade Lists

There is typically a set of common add-ons and their prices. First, understand what deadlines may apply to upgrade decisions. Deciding after those dates may lead to higher charges or prevent their addition at all. When any edits (upgrades or otherwise) are applied to building plans, confirm that they are officially documented. These lists usually appear before building starts and is often referred to as the pre construction meeting.

Forms for Holding Particular Units

The ability to reserve a unit is not always offered. If you are interested in a particular lot, be sure to ask about this. You ordinarily must give a deposit of some sort and are given a particular time frame to make a decision. This can allow you time to complete your due diligence.

Builder Warranties

When a warranty is provided, this will be outlined separately. Warranty coverage may depend on the particular builder. Some cover everything while others have a limited list. Pay close attention to property renovations that will void the warranty. Also, set a reminder for yourself a few weeks before the end date since you will need to notify the builder of problems by that deadline. Having your own local agent can be a big help here. Representation would include consulting on builders reputation and the providing empirical data on the warranty company.

Floor and Building Plans

Most builders provide documentation on the floor plan and construction specifications. Look through it carefully to understand what exactly is included in the cost, and more importantly, what is not included in the marketed price. Note that some floor plans might be overviews instead of exact blueprints. Ask your agent to acquire a copy of blue prints if possible, or at least a photocopy of plan w/ layout & markings after pre construction meeting.

Specific Builder Contracts

Many builders use their own contracts. Those that use standard forms will always add a custom addendum. In either case, there are special terms and conditions that you must understand before buying the property. Real estate representatives are forbidden from reviewing these for you (since it is viewed as practicing law). You may have your attorney review them. Be aware that in some cases, builders are not open to editing these documents. When reviewing paperwork for buying a new home in Tooele UT we would suggest two things:

  1. Have builder agent or rep go over contracts with your agent present.
  2. Whenever possible use the State of Utah new construction purchase form. (REPC)

Overview Of New Construction Documents To Evaluate In Tooele UT

The steps for purchasing new construction are usually more complicated than purchasing an existing one. It is critical to work with an agent familiar with new construction. Your agent can assist with paperwork and keep you on track. Overview of new construction documents to evaluate in Tooele UT is simply one of many considerations in the real estate process.

Other Forms For New Homes

I’m not the only real estate agent with an opinion about new build forms. Here are a couple of other resources that may be of help.

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  • U.S. Government construction form index

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