Tip #12 For Cleaning Your Tooele House To Sell

Spring housecleaning
Dressed Up to clean house

It’s Spring.  Time for tip #12 for cleaning your Tooele house to sell. Or not!

Even if you are not getting your home ready to go to market, it may be time for the age old “spring cleaning” you hear so much about.

I know you have heard about it, but I bet you have never heard that getting things spic n span after those snow and mud filled months of kids and grand kids traipsing (is that even a word any more?), in and out your front door could be made easy.

Well, tip #12 does that, and more. It gives you a whole day to be close to those you love and give them some great lessons as well.

Now, listen up!

This is not theory, this is one of the many ways that I was able to raise 5 kids (plus a ton of neighborhood urchins). And now stay close to 8 of my 10 grand-kids. (2 are in Texas). While still working my full time real estate business.

In the old days I would need to carve out a week end to make this technique work, but now I have “Grandma Day” where I am always looking for ways to keep my babies busy and interested.

Not everyone will be lucky enough to have a job that allows them to have a GM day but you can find a way to work this deal into your schedule.

Have fun.


5 Fun Ways to Spring Clean with the Kids

Spring-cleaning might seem like a necessity if you’ve accrued a lot of stuff through the fall and winter seasons, but it can be hard to determine how to get your kids involved. If you’re looking for tips on how to get this task done and engage your children or grand children at the same time, here are a few fun ways.

Play Some Tunes

It goes without saying that almost everything is more fun with music, and kids will readily agree with this! Instead of silence, pique your children’s interest with their favorite album and encourage them to take the duster or mop along with them. I can’t begin to explain how the music has changed over the years, but I can tell you that the dance steps of a two year old have remained the same for at least 40 years.

Offer Up A Reward

It’s important that your children understand that helping out around the house is everyone’s job, but offering them a treat can be a good means of getting them involved. Whether it’s a couple of dollars or a trip to the ice cream parlor, a little work for a reward has always been a positive thing.

We double dip our rewards with teaching moments around here. Now that some of the grand-kids are older, (old enough to play with fire) our rewards are usually home baked goods; cookies or cupcakes that they have had a hand in creating.

Cleaning and cooking lessons, both in one day!

Give Them A Choice

Most kids don’t like to be told what to do, so providing them with the opportunity for leadership can be a great thing when it comes to the task of spring-cleaning. Not only will they be happy to help you along if they can direct, it will give them confidence in their own capabilities. It is so much fun to assign some of the younger one their own tasks and watch them love bossing the older brother or cousins around. I have some great videos of that to include with your home selling information.

Make Room For New Duds

Getting rid of old clothing isn’t always fun, but if it makes way for a new outfit or toy many kids will spring at the chance. Instead of large scale, let your children tackle their own space to clear away stuff they no longer use. It will make them aware of what they need and what they can get along without.

Tip #12 for cleaning your Tooele house to sell includes the chance for another learning experience. Bundle up the the useable stuff you no longer need, load up the car and let them all go with you to donate to the less fortunate. IE: A church, the women’s shelter, or D.I.

Teach your youngsters early to be generous with their good fortune.

Get Out The Gear

Outside of a damp cloth, most adults don’t have any specific clothes for cleaning the house, but dressing up is always a fun activity for kids! Whether it’s overalls, a cap and some rubber gloves, making cleaning a game of dress up is an easy way to appeal to the imagination of your children. Keep a trunk full of “cleaning uniforms” and pass them on down. The kids can’t wait to graduate to the next level.

Spring-cleaning may not always seem like the most fun, but there are a few simple ways you can make it appealing to your kids and liven up an old activity for yourself. Plus add 3 learning experiences to what up to now would be considered a day of drudgery.

Now, for the business part of this post.

If you are still listening, listen to this. If you’re perking up your home in the hopes of a summer sale, I can help with that.

I can’t teach your kids or grand children to sell your house for you, but I can give you the opportunity to show them what happens when you make a good decision.

Check out what I have done and what you can expect from me if we work together. Here’s my bio.

I’d love to hear from you.

Give me a call, Berna Sloan 435-840-5029. Let’s talk more about my company, Group1 Real Estate, and tip# 12 for cleaning your Tooele house to sell.

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