Showing Tips For Selling a Tooele Utah Home

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Tips on selling a house in Tooele UT

As promised, here are the showing tips for selling a Tooele Utah home that Bill Gassett published last week. (I added the Tooele home part).

We hope Bill won’t mind that we have shared this with our followers, but part of our commitment to service is supplying our peeps with the best real estate information possible. Information from the Massachusets Real Estate Exposure blog shows up a lot on our radar.  Posts I find there are well done and informative, and most often basic enough that home sellers or buyers  from any area can benefit.

I’m putting the link here for you all to click on and read the entire article. For those that don’t have the time I am also recapping the 11 tips covered in the post.

I invite you to read it, read the high points, and save for future reference ENJOY.


Best Showing Tips For Selling a Home

Posted: 02 Apr 2018 04:33 AM PDT

Don’t Restrict Access if Possible One of the best showing tips for selling a home is being exceptionally flexible! When selling a home if buyers can’t get in when they want to, you’ll make things awfully hard on yourself and your agent. Quite often sellers will put up barriers to access such as making advanced […]

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Overview Of Showing For Selling a Tooele Utah Home


These 10 tips outline the previous article and gives you a look at what happens after your home is listed .

  1. Make minimum showing restrictions: Part of your strategy is to have as many potential buyers tour your house as possible.

  2. Your agent need not attend all showings: Let the home and the buyers agent do their job.

  3. Defer showings is a new strategy that you might want to discuss with your agent.

  4. Don’t forget curb appeal. The old saw about no second chance to make a first impression still holds true in real estate.

  5. Not too hot not too cold: Make sure that the inside temperature is set to provide potential home buyers comfort and good feelings.

  6. Inviting atmosphere:

  7. Smells and scents, should be subtle.

  8. Brighten up with lights on in all rooms: Don’t try to save money on electric bills during the showing period.

  9. Cookies, popcorn etc, even a pitcher of lemonade could offer a nice touch.

  10. Talk with agent about having a good feed back and reporting system so that adjustments can be made quickly.

After looking at the overview, you can go back and click on the original article or give me a call.

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