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Did you see the report to Tooele County Realtors from Chris Sloan Group1 Real Estate?


I’m Gordon, I work the back end of Chris & Bernas websites. I help with some of their posts, their media presence and in general help them provide their clients a good online experience.

In short my job is to try to help Chris & Berna establish a brand (both Corporate & personal) that is thought of as competent, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.

Perhaps one of my more difficult challenges is to help them explain the value that some of the extra curricular activities bring to the partnership.

Some of those are self evident, and by their very nature, nurture a relationship with house buyers and sellers that shows competence and exhibits product knowledge along with a willingness to share.

Others are not so obvious.

This is one of those!

In this article Chris is reporting some of the chatter taking place among past Presidents of the Utah Association of Realtors. (he is one, and I bet few people know it).

On it’s face it looks like it is intended to give a “heads up” to other Utah brokers. And it is & it does.

I’m sharing this with you all, so you can see that Chris Sloan is dedicated to the industry and is the kind of professional you will want to consider when selecting an agent to partner up with for your Tooele County real estate needs.

I guess you can say it’s promotion. And, you would be correct. But I need to do it. We all know Chris or Berna won’t.

Here is the letter I’m talking about:

Chris Sloan to Tooele County Association of Realtors – Official
 Good morning, Friends & happy Friday! I thought I’d share a couple of things that came out of yesterdays UAR Board of Directors meeting yesterday that might be of interest.

First of all, in our Past Presidents Council meeting, we received a legal brief that in clouded a ton of national stuff. However, from a local perspective we were told that due to the number of social media posts disparaging different business models from some companies, those companies have started databases collecting and saving them.

What for?

I can imagine, but that doesn’t really matter in this case. I have a suggestion for all of you that are into social media. If you come across such a post, stay away from it! Don’t “like” it, don’t share it and don’t make a comment.

Rather than worrying about what another company or agent is doing in their business, focus on increasing your own “value proposition”. Make your own business model the best one for you! You’ll stay out of trouble that way.

Secondly, a heads up for those of you that like to share “coming soon” listings in your advertising (of any kind!). Next month in the NAR meetings in San Francisco, the Board of Directors will likely be voting on a new MLS rule that will require any such advertising to be listed on the MLS within 24 hrs of any ad. Sign in the yard? Get it on the MLS.

Facebook post? Get it on the MLS!

This concept is getting wide-ranging support from many folks. It will be a controversial change for some, and I expect some fun debate from the Board.

That said, if you have a comment or a thought on this policy change, please let me know before then!

Have a great day

So, there you have my say on Chris and his dedication and support of the REAL ESTATE Industry. I hope that you will take a new look at my Tooele Broker and give him consideration when you are looking to buy or sell a home in Tooele County.

If you don’t follow either Chris or Berna on one of their blogs, I encourage you to sign up and follow them as they publish a ton of articles about Real Estate in Tooele County and share all of the homes for sale in Tooele with fresh content and new listings every 15 minutes.

You can reach Chris to talk Tooele Real Estate @ 435-840-5031. Call him when you’re ready.