Reasons To Hire A Local Tooele Real Estate Agent

I posted this a couple of days ago and was surprised at how many folks responded with additional reasons to hire a local Tooele real estate agent.

Actually, this was originally titled reasons to hire a real estate professional, but after talking to local buyers and sellers in the Tooele Utah market I realized that to provide better service I’d better kick it up a notch.

So…. I re-posted to focus on LOCAL AGENTS.

When I read the responses of buyers and evaluated the experiences shared by sellers I realized I’d better say something before you make the same mistake.

There are two parts to this. The first part, “hire a real estate PROFESSIONAL”. I will not dwell except to say. This just makes sense. You wouldn’t hire a mechanic to pull a tooth, or a sheep herder to unplug a drain. I doubt that that you would want to hire a novice to help you either buy or sell the most valuable asset you own.

But I have known of situations where people hire agents that only sell 2 or 3 homes a year, because Timmy goes to school with Billy. Or Thanksgiving dinner will be stressful if you don’t give Uncle Charles the listing.

Don’t give in. You need a professional in your corner.

Don’t believe me? Here are some articles written by others that might convince you.Have a look at those as well as the graphic below and see if we have helped.

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Why is Picking a Local Agent So Hard

I know that this can be a decision that can be stressful, particularly when the problem is a family one. I have an answer for that. Call me let’s see if It could work for you. Berna Sloan 435-840-5029.


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Ok….. I hope we have the professional requirement behind us.  Now we can deal with the importance of that real estate professional being local in our “reasons to hire a local real estate agent”. In this case I mean Tooele County local. In fact, with few exceptions I mean an agent that lives in Tooele City, Grantsville UT, Stansbury Park, Erda Utah or Lake Point UT. I guess Stockton UT or Rush Valley is OK but you had better call me. (just joking).

Why is Hiring a Local Agent So Important?

Using the above graphic from KCM as our template, I will concede that paperwork & experience, the first two items mentioned can be provided by any one that can fog a mirror and get a license.

But…. from then on your agent needs to know the territory.

Why Can a Local Agent Be A Better Negotiator

Local doesn’t mean better, it just means that they have more tools to negotiate with. They have history. They know the

  • History of the property
  • History of the neighborhood
  • History of the competing agent
  • History of the Home Owner
  • Weak spots of the area
  • Tipping points of seller, moving, downsizing, financial hardship,
  • Just plain local gossip

Some negotiations need to be face to face, telephone calls won’t work. The back and forth of negotiation is best accomplished by being on the spot when it comes down to that. Agents from SLC will have a hard time being available 24/7 when things get down to the end.

Why Can A Local Real Estate Agent Price Better

Pricing is probably the most important part of the buy /sell equation. List too low; no showings. Offer too high; not in the clients best interest.

Agents that are not looking at homes in local neighborhoods each and every day don’t have a feel for what is selling and for how much. More likely than not if you are working with a successful agent (and we hope you are), they have had recent experience at doing sales or listings in the area, and in some cases already presented offers on this home or similar properties close by. At a minimum they have discussed this house on tour with other local agents and know what the real estate folks think about the home and its pricing.

Does a Local Agent Understand Market Conditions Better?

Finding an agent that understand is the biggest reason to hire a local Tooele real estate agent. They all don’t, but chances are a local real estate agent will understand it better than most. Anyone can tell you what is selling, and more can tell you why. But understanding what current market conditions means for the future of your investment is not so easy.

Is the beautiful rambler going to have the wonderful view blocked by a new subdivision of 2 story homes that are in the planning commission for approval. How about the mixed use Platte that was presented to the planners last week. Think that will effect your property value? It’s 3 doors down. Who can predict that within 2 years the street in front of the house will be widened. The city will need to “take” some of your front yard.

Shouldn’t your agent know about those things?

My partner Chris will miss less than a handful of council and planning commission meetings this year, & will spend more time visiting with planners and council peeps than most government employees. But It’s what we bring to the deal.

Like to see what else we do? Check us out on our website @ about Group1. Then give me a call. Berna Sloan 435-840-5029.

I want to give you more reasons to hire a local Tooele real estate agent.