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I’ve written so many posts about reasons to consider buying new construction in Tooele County that I am afraid you might have missed some.

Frankly, the advantages of buying a new home are so great that I don’t want to be guilty of NOT TELLING YOU ABOUT THEM.


Here are some of the most recent ones for you to take a look at.

Don’t say “I didn’t tell you!

New Home Construction In Tooele County Utah

About New ConstructionThinking about new home construction in Tooele County Utah? Wondering if buying a spec home is a good idea? Looking for reasons to consider buying a new home is better than buying an older house that has had previous owners?

Like to see all of the new construction homes listed in Tooele County?

That’s a lot to be thinking about. So I thought I would help.

I’m posting a few articles my partner, Berna Sloan has posted on her Tooele real estate blog in past weeks. Berna deals with various aspects of the new home market in Tooele and offers insight to some areas that could be helpful as you move forward.

I particularly like the post about what building 100 homes means to the Tooele economy. Her article on buying a new house also contains some links to other real estate professionals to give you other opinions and sources about new construction.

Hope you enjoy.

Why Building 100 New Homes is Good For Tooele County UT

You need to stay with me on this. I want to tell you why building 100 new homes is good for Tooele County UT. It’s good for all of us. No matter if you are one of the buyers of [Read More]

More Reasons To Buy New Construction Homes in Tooele County

There are a lot of reasons to buy new construction homes in Tooele County. A lot of folks say it’s because there is a lack of great resale houses. A lack of great resale inventory is just one of the reasons [Read More]

Tips About Buying a New Home in Tooele County UT

Buying a New Home in Tooele County UT Based on the response we got from yesterdays blog post, we thought we had better address buying a new home in Tooele UT. We pointed out that because of the lack of [Read More]

Tooele Utah New Home Buyers Need an Agent

   Tooele Utah new home buyers need an agent. Maybe folks buying new construction need representation more than the typical buyer who collects a list of homes they would like to see and then drives around to scheduled appointments looking [Read More]

Why Buying a New Home in Tooele Utah Makes Sense

There are so many reasons why buying a new home in Tooele Utah makes sense that I don’t know where to start. But here are 3!   Plus some comments from other voices in the industry.   Good previously owned [Read More]

There you have it, a boatload of information from a couple of Tooele Counties premier agents.

I hope it helped, and I hope that when you are ready to make your move into home ownership or to buy your next home you will remember how helpful and knowledgeable Berna has been.

Isn’t that the kind of professional you want on your team?

Give her a call : Berna Sloan 435-840-5029.

No one knows real estate like Berna, and no one knows buying new home construction in Tooele County Utah like Group1 Real Estate.

These are just a few of the posts we devoted to new homes. If you need more info, keep searching through our blog. We have additional thoughts.

Or if you want to just chat with Chris or me about why buyers should look out West when looking at new homes, just call us. Just mention you would like to learn more reasons to consider buying new construction in Tooele County.