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Learning what’s up with Real Estate in Tooele Utah with Berna Sloan is sort of my my signature blog post. It features articles I have shared with my peeps the previous week. I select a few, usually 3 or 4 that I feel most people would find useful & post them in one page

A lot of my clients will call and want to know how to find a particular tip or suggestion I have posted somewhere & want to know where they can find it. This will give another option to those that miss out the first time around.

Last week between hospital visits ( I had 4) grandma day for the neighborhood, and the Utah Real Estate convention in Park City I was able to pen 3 new ones that I hope someone can use.

The first article about using a local Tooele agent to sell your home is the one that could save Tooele home sellers the most money. There has been a lot of noise lately about the market being so good & homes selling so quickly that a broker, any broker or agent is less important than in the past. The fact is,the opposite is true. Now more than ever the knowledge of a good local Realtor can save a ton; of $$ and headaches.

The next piece on buying a new home in Tooele County Utah offers help with the problem of low inventory levels, and how a home buyer in Tooele County can increase their choices by looking at new construction homes.

The last article is a little about clairvoyance,…… mine… where we talk about what the Tooele real estate market will be like this fall. I will admit here, this is just what they would call an opinion piece.


More About Using a Local Tooele Agent To Sell Your Home

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Tell Me About Buying a New Home in Tooele County Utah

I hear “tell me about buying a new home in Tooele County Utah“.quite a bit. I think it has to do with a lack of housing inventory in the county. Rather than engaging in waiting and waiting & waiting some [Read More]

What Does The Tooele Housing Market Look Like This Fall

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is ” what does the Tooele housing market look like this fall”? I would generally say “who knows”, but with the autumn season just a few weeks away, I think I’d better come [Read More]

So…. now you know the latest about real estate in Tooele Utah with Berna Sloan. My personal way to show you what I know and what I can do for you..My purpose is all about that. When I suggest you should get a local agent with experience when buying or selling a Tooele home,  I’m hoping you will give me a chance to handle your business and help you thru the entire process.

Want more proof I live this business? Read more articles about Real Estate in Tooele County on my personal blog, or check out my bio @ about Berna.

Or you can just call me @ 435-840-5029, mention you read about me on real estate in Tooele Utah with Berna Sloan.