Real Estate In Tooele County Should Be Fun

Tooele County
Funny happenings online in Tooele Real Estate .

Real Estate in Tooele County should be fun.

But if you have the right team working with you, looking for your new Tooele County home can be less a serious task and more a time for chuckles.

And fun.

And adventure!.

Since Real Estate is our life, and Tooele is where we live we can find some humor in just about every phase of it. Over the last 25 years (over 50 if you count both of us) we have seen some doozies.

WE’d like to share some of these with you so that no matter whether you are buying a home or selling a house, or just looking at Tooele property as a good long term investment, you don’t need to be intimidated.

We have the experience and we are willing to loan it to you.

Just to prove that we could be fun to work with, I’m going to give 5 or 6 article that I published on another blog, “The Best Medicine”. last week,

Hope you enjoy, and don’t be surprised if you don’t find some useful information sprinkled in here somewhere.

Here’s how it works; read my little intro and then if it sounds like the subject could be worthwhile, click on the red letters.

16 DIYs That Failed So Badly, They’re Actually Impressive

Good article for folks thinking about doing their own remodeling or are buying a “fix to flip”.
Great photos for women to pull out when Mr. Fix-it pulls out the old toolbox. These will make you giggle and makes me thankful we haven’t seen any of these in Tooele County. (yet).


Want Your Home To Sell Faster? Schedule A Home Inspection Before You List

This is more helpful than funny. But, I have some funny stories about folks that didn’t take our advice. (maybe not so funny now that I think about it). Talks about getting your Tooele home sold faster. We suggest an inspection because it can speed up and simplify the negotiating process.


Buyers Willing To Sacrifice Square Footage For A Shorter Commute

If you are considering Tooele County for your next house, this article about commuting, and the money you can save is a great one. We have posted  a lot about this very thing on our blog. I would suggest you look up some of those tips about how much can be saved by just driving an extra 20 freeway minutes a day. Our most recent positive experience featured a first time home buyer saving over $40,000 by buying a house in Tooele City. If you are thinking about buying anywhere along the Wasatch Front, call us to compare value.


24 Super Creative Jack-O’-Lantern Ideas You Should Try This Halloween

These are just some fun photos of creative decorations to scare our grand-kids. I hope Berna does not see this or I will be getting out the old carving knife….. AGAIN!


16 Ways To Make Your Dumb Home Smarter Without Spending A Fortune

Here’s a bunch of suggestions for the techies wanting the latest and greatest for their new Tooele County home. Fun stuff here. Another post I hope to hide from Berna Sloan.We already have almost every gadget known to man. Some of these deals will guarantee that Real Estate in Tooele County should be fun.


Want To Build Wealth? Buy A Home—And Buy It Early

Another post about a subject that Berna and I have written tons about. Building wealth with your purchase.

Even though we are not allowed to give investment advice, we are allowed to pass on material we think might be helpful as you weight the advantages of selecting Tooele as a great place to live.

So, that does it.

Some funny articles about real estate that you can use when you consider a move to the 2nd fastest growing County in the state.

If you’re interested and need some help give us a call, Chris or Berna Sloan 435-840-5029. We’d love to show you around, and mention why we think Tooele County Utah is where everyone should live.

Remember, Real Estate in Tooele County should be fun.