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Worried about picking upgrades for your new Tooele UT home? Wish you had help when making the choice to add or upgrade a feature, or how you pay for them?.

I hope this post will help those about to go thru that process.

Here are just a few of the questions we are asked when helping new construction home buyers negotiate the original purchase agreement, as well as during the construction process.

Notice we talk about changes and up grades during 2 phases: They are:

  1. Prior to signing the purchase contract: This is important because many of the features that made the model home stand out are NOT part of the standard package.
  2. During the construction phase: when every friend or relative is offering advice about what they learned when they bought new construction and what they wish they had done.

Ideas On Helpful Home Upgrades

It’s common to pay most attention to the bigger items when deciding on home upgrades. Often the most useful upgrades are the minor changes. Whether you are working on a new home or renovating an existing one, consider these helpful home upgrades.

Anticipate Future Alterations

In the design phase, think about more than its initial use. For example, if you intend to change carpeting to hardwood in the future, the height difference will affect the transition between rooms or at the first step of a stairwell. Design the room with that in mind to save future time and expense. This is also true for changes like surround sound, central vacuum, plumbing, and light fixtures.

Adapting to Different Uses

Think of places in your home where you may want the flexibility to power appliances. Add power to those locations. For example, an extra fridge or freezer might be helpful in the garage. Maybe you can have an outlet in your bathroom cabinet for charging toothbrushes or razors out of the way. Outdoor GFI outlets are another great amenity to include in advance.

When Larger Is Better

Sometimes larger alternatives are well worth the added cost. Consider whether increasing the size of a particular area is beneficial. For instance, taller garage openings can accommodate larger automobiles. A larger kitchen sink will come in handy when hosting parties. A bigger deck will provide ample walking room around the patio furniture.

Advantage of Duplicates

In most cases, duplicates are a wonderful feature. An extra utility room or kitchen sink can be convenient. Duplicate cable connections enable flexibility in the layout of a room. Additional closets can minimize messes yet keep belongings within close reach. These are merely a few of the wide range of possibilities that you may appreciate while living in a house.

Picking Best New Home Upgrades

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    Other Helpful Home Upgrades

    The best approach to brainstorm other helpful home upgrades is to visualize a room and how you will use it now. Then imagine how you may use it later on. What are the amenities that will accommodate both. Do not forget about family gatherings, new appliances, etc. You can also check with your contractor for additional suggestions.

    One suggestion is to re visit the model, and weigh not only the aesthetics, but the utility of some of the upgrades the builder featured to make the home more enticing.

    I hope this has been a helpful bit of information, and I hope that after reading these tips one of the first things you will say is “Wow, I think I need an agent”.

    If you do, then I’d like to apply for that job. I’d love to represent you and your family. You can tell I have had  a lot of new construction experience out here in Tooele County. You can check out some of what I know by reading new home articles on my blog.

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