Real Estate News From Tooele UT Blogs Week # 19

Tooele news #19
Tooele UT news week #19

I’m doing the post “Real Estate news from Tooele UT blogs week #19” since Berna is out of town.

There was plenty of good information on her website last week and in case you missed it I’m going to re-post. Since there was something for just about every one interested in real estate in Tooele Utah I’m going to let you sort out the tips that might help you, or be of interest for any reason..

If you click on the title on the individual article you can read what Berna or Chris thought about the subjects and get the take of our pals at Keeping Matters Current or KCM as we know it.

KCM sends out information about what information is trending in the real estate community nation wide, and we try to put a local spin on it so that if you have a property rights question, or a home buying or selling dilemma it can be dealt with on a local, Tooele County level.

Remember folks…… All Real Estate is local!

Some interesting stuff suggested here is how the housing shortage in Tooele is causing prices to rise, a new skill set about writing & presenting offers and perhaps opening up the new construction home market. That article also challenges any home buyers looking in Salt Lake County to compare price and value to comparable Tooele homes listed on the MLS.

We have some tips for first time home buyers, as well as advise for sellers and their agents that are eager to take the offer with the highest price, not realizing that in most cases, (unless the offer is all cash) the appraisal needs to cover a loan for the buyer and unless it does, time could be wasted as nothing will close.

So………. here is Real Estate news from Tooele UT blogs week # 19.  ENJOY!


  • Housing Shortage in Tooele UT New Homes The Answer
    Realtors and buyers alike are admitting there is a housing shortage in Tooele UT, new homes are the answer. For the last month or so, good local listings are as scarce as the proverbial hens teeth. Plus within hours of [Read More]
  • Lots Of New Homes Being Built In Tooele County
    There are lots of new homes being built in Tooele County. The lack of inventory, low interest rates and competitive pricing compared to other areas along the Wasatch front has created a boom for new construction in Tooele County. In [Read More]
  • Who Is The First Time Home Buyer In Tooele County
    Who is the first time home buyer in Tooele County? With this upside down real estate market, it’s clear that the characteristics of the first time home buyer in Tooele County is tough to figure. With changing social morays about [Read More] …
  • Beware Rising Tooele UT Home Prices vs Appraisals
    Beware Rising Tooele UT Home Prices vs Appraisals Berna posted this to Face Book recently, and we thought we needed to re post for those home sellers that think they can be a lot more aggressive with pricing their house. You need [Read More]
  • Should I Buy A Home or Rent A House in Tooele County
    Should I buy a home or rent a house In Tooele County? This question is one I’m asked 2 or 3 times a week. Not knowing all of a persons history or present circumstances, I often don’t know how to [Read More]


There you have it. Fresh news from Tooele County Utah.

Glad you could make it. I hope this information was helpful and and you were able to pick out a nugget or two that you could use to move you along the path to buying or selling a home.

If it was and if it did, don’t forget where it came from. Berna Sloan is a local full time agent with 100s of satisfied clients. You can read about her @ about Berna Sloan on her website. PLUS…she has backup!!! Read about her partner, Chris Sloan,@ Group1 Real Estate he knows stuff as well.

They would make a great addition to your real estate team!

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