Myths About Open Houses in Tooele County

why no open houses
Open Houses Not!

Lots of myths about open houses in Tooele County.

Yesterday I came across another great post that Tooele UT home sellers can use. I found it on FaceBook and it was written by one of my favorite bloggers, Bill Gassett.

Bill usually writes about things in Massachusetts, but I have found his postings helpful in almost any market.

If you choose to read this and you are interested, be sure to click on some of the other links at the bottom as there are some other hints.

The premise behind the article is basically that open houses are not only not necessary, but actually should be discouraged.

Here is what bill had to say about open houses.

7 Open House Myths

Myths About Open Houses You Need to Know When you think of selling a home, an open house just seems like part of the deal. Everyone has an open house, don’t they? It is the best way to show off the home to numerous potential buyers – isn’t it? Well, not really. In fact, an […]

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There were a number of important ideas in bills post, but the one that stood out for me had to do with security.

Effective security is impossible in an open house situation in Tooele UT.

The same rules that apply to experienced real estate agents that dictates YOU NEVER SHOW TWO FAMILIES A PROPERTY AT THE SAME TIME. It’s way easy to be misdirected by one person while another skulks off to the bedroom where valuables are kept or the master bath that the medicine cabinate is located..

I guess that makes another point about the importance of only hiring an experienced agent that is a member of a board and has a way to screen other agents that may bring clients to view your house.

Now, while I agree with Bill, and hope you learned something here, I am posting other articles about holding open houses to sell your Tooele Utah house.

These articles written by other professionals in the busines.

See what you think!

Do you really need to have an open house?

Apr 21, 2016 … Sunday open houses this spring often look like the hottest new …

Should You Have An Open House? – Realty Times

Jun 12, 2014 … Since multiple listing services first started putting listings online around 1996, the transparency of homes for sale has improved exponentially.

Should I Have An Open House When Selling My House?

There was a recent article in the Globe & Mail where a real estate agent was interviewed about her opinion on holding open houses if you are selling a house.

Sell Your Home Without an Open House

Apr 3, 2017 … An open house is unnecessary and does very little to get a home … you an open house is needed during a real estate interview you should …

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