More Reasons To Buy New Construction Homes in Tooele County

Buy from the ground up.
Buy from the ground up.

There are a lot of reasons to buy new construction homes in Tooele County. A lot of folks say it’s because there is a lack of great resale houses. A lack of great resale inventory is just one of the reasons home buyers are looking at building new houses in many of the areas around the county.

In fact, according to the post we just got from the folks at Keeping Current Matters, the people @ HUD claim that the lack of good used home inventory ranked #4 on the national list of reasons for buying new.

Here are the reasons (according to KCM) people make a decision to buy new or build a new home nationwide.

  • Avoid Renovation:
  • Ability to choose custom design
  • Amenities
  • Lack of used home inventory
  • Green energy efficiency

Lets go over those:

Avoid Renovation:

Renovation can be costly, and time consuming. Buying a new house allows you to keep your cash and avoid weeks of chaos while strangers (or worse yet, You) are banging and lifting and turning the electricity off and on at inconvenient times.

Choose Custom Design:

Select the features that lets you live the way you want to. Need more closets? Build them! Want a great room? Select a plan that includes that feature. No matter what your needs/likes are in a home, you can buy it new, and have it ready in less than 5 months.


Amenities don’t just include the obvious., parks, pools & playgrounds. They could be proximity to other attractions like schools, shopping or work.

Lack of Inventory:

It stands to reason. The more choices you have, the better chance you have of finding exactly what you are looking for. In Tooele County this year there are fewer homes listed for sale than ever before.”Less choice, less chance”.

Energy efficiency:

The following chart shows some interesting numbers about the new construction industry nation wide.

New Home Sales Race to Keep Up with Demand [INFOGRAPHIC]

New Home Sales Race to Keep Up with Demand [INFOGRAPHIC] | MyKCM


Some Highlights:

  • Many buyers who are searching for their dream homes are turning to new home construction after 10% of all new home buyers sighted a lack of inventory of existing homes as their reason for purchase.
  • The median home price decreased slightly from September’s high of $314,100 to $304,500 in October.
  • The West saw the largest month over month jump in sales at 28.7%.

Of the more than 220 homes listed for sale in the county almost 25% are new construction. That is they are scheduled to be completed sometime in 2017. These listings will either be spec homes, ( homes builders constructed on speculation) or houses that were built for a new home buyer that for whatever reason did not close.

If you are looking to buy in the near future, I would suggest you at least consider purchasing a new home. (read about buying a new home)

I would love to work with you and help you negotiate the best lot, evaluate the most value in the upgrades, and select a builder you can count on to deliver on time as promised. If you want to buy a lot and build, I know how to help. If you feel more comfortable buying a duplicate of a model home, call me,  I’ve done hundreds and can do one for you.

Here Are Some New Construction Possibilities in Cities Around The County

New homes in Tooele City

Homes being built in Grantsville UT

New construction in Stansbury Park UT

New homes with animal rights in Lake Point UT

Erda UT new homes listed for sale

Whatever your needs or questions about new construction in Tooele County, I can help. Call me, Berna Sloan 435-840-5029. I can give you more reasons to look for new construction homes in Tooele County.

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