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Living in Tooele UT

Like to know about living in Tooele Utah?

When Chris and Berna are out of town or extremely busy (like now) they let me re-post some of their old blog posts.

This is one of those weeks, and I have picked one I think might be helpful for a lot of folks looking to relocate, move up, or buy their first house.

Actually it should be interesting to anyone hoping to find a great buy, while at the same time not wanting to give up lifestyle.

Even though this is an old post, the info is still pertinent. With the exception of the post about the bedroom listing in Stansbury, they should be useful.

The listing info is helpful only to compare what has happened price wise over the last 5 years.


Living In Tooele UT, it’s Only a 29 Mile Drive

Living in Tooele UT is only a 29 mile drive from the heart of Salt Lake City. But… there is a world of difference.

Thats why each weekend I re-post some of Berna & Chris’s blog posts about the area. Mostly they write about the advantages of living in that community, and why Stansbury Park is a great place to raise kids, about where you should live if you want to raise horses in your back yard, (can you say Grantsville UT?) & all the other things that makes living in small towns better for todays family.

I have to admit that I find some of the posts about lifestyle pretty compelling. Who wouldn’t want to raise their kids in the friendly atmosphere of a small town?

Adding to the limited commute & lifestyle benefits though, and the reason I send these articles about Tooele County are the economics.

You can enjoy all of the advantages of Tooele for much less than living in comparable neighborhoods in the Salt Lake Valley.As you read this weeks articles pay attention to these points.

  • Add to the cheap home loan article by Berna the fact that Tooele County still qualifies for the  100% financing
  • Compare price w/ SLC using the posts on starter homes & 5 bedroom homes in Stansbury Park
  • Check out the links to some of the features around Stansbury Park
  • Picture yourself with your own horses, when you buy a foreclosed home in Tooele that allows horses

And of course there are a lot of other reasons to follow the blogs from just 29 miles down the freeway.

Here are recent posts About living in Tooele UT just 29 miles from SLC


  • Tooele Home Loans For Low Credit Scores

    Chris just posted information on his blog about Tooele home loans for low credit scores. Actually the loans are for home buyers whose FICO scores are less than perfect. These home buyers have been waiting in the wings until they can achieve a FICO score…
  • Find a Home in Stansbury Park UT

    Looking for a home? You should try to find a home in Stansbury Park UT . What a great place to live. Close enough to Salt Lake City to take advantage of all that the state capital has to offer, but far enough away to enjoy a more casual way of life. Golfing,…
  • No Down Starter Home For Sale in Tooele UT

    See if you can qualify for this no down starter home for sale in Tooele UT . Combine the low cost per square foot, room for expansion, low interest rates and possibility of 100% financing, and this great 3 bedroom starter is way above average. •…

    Find Tooele County Foreclosures Finding foreclosed homes & condominiums for sale in Tooele County is becoming more difficult every month. Those buyers looking for a house to flip or a rental property are not finding as many listings by HUD or the…
  • Stansbury Park UT 5 Bedroom Homes For Sale

    Anyone looking for Stansbury Park UT 5 bedroom homes for sale , has a pretty good selection. There are about 23 houses in Stansbury with at least 5 bedrooms listed on the MLS. These listings range in price from $205,000 for a five bedroom house on ‘Captains…

I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about living in Tooele UT, but the best agent and best authority is Berna. (second best is Chris), you can reach either of them at their office in Tooele UT @ 435-840-5029



Thanks for sticking with me. I hope you have benefitted from this work and when it comes time to make your move, you will remember Chris and Berna Sloan @ Group 1 Real Estate as the folks that day after day, year after year spend the time and money to make sure they are prepared to give you the best representation ever!

They want to deserve to be your agent.

Give them a call. Berna Sloan 435-840-5029. Tell you you heard about them because I reposted the article about living in Tooele Utah and more by Chris and Berna Sloan.


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