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If you are a home owner, or want to be, you should try to learn something about Tooele County real estate every day. Something important. Not just that prices are going up, or down, or how many more sales it will take for this to become a “buyers market”. You should find a place where you can find meaningful information that will help prepare you to become a homeowner or continue to give you tips that will make you a “good neighbor:.

Today, I want to introduce you to Chris and Berna Sloan. Their blog is the place, and their websites are tools you need to learn something about Tooele County reaI estate every single day.

You can always count on Chris and Berna Sloan to post interesting and helpful insight into local real estate.

If you have an interest in the market out here I would suggest that you sign up and follow one of their blogs. If for no other reason than to search Tooele homes for sale.

They have 3 to choose from, and rarely will you get the same tips on more than one. The choices are:

They each have an auto feed, so you can have it delivered to your inbox. Easy Peasy. Never miss anything about real estate in Tooele County again. EVER!

These 3 recent posts are examples of the kind of information you can find.

The post with tips on preparing a home for sale, has a couple of points that you can find helpful when listing your property for sale. It also touches a bit on choosing an agent to help.

The next article talks to the advantages found in new construction homes when it comes to energy conservation. Anyone concerned with their energy footprint that is looking to move should read this post, and start looking at new homes to buy  rather than previously owned houses.

Finally, Berna talks about home financing and low down payment options when financing your home. You might be surprised to find a government backed program that offers 100% home loans for qualified buyers in Tooele County.

I’d say there is something for just about everybody, and a good place to learn something about Tooele County real estate every day.


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I bet you were surprised that the last blog post was just a re hash of an old article written years ago. Still important today as 100% financing helps sellers as well as home buyers, get into a house.

Why Do Chris And Berna Blog?

Sharing information is the best way to let someone know what you know and tell those interested how you feel.

Blogging is the best way Chris and Berna Sloan have found to share what they know about Tooele real estate. Hopefully you will see something of interest and say “if I ever need an agent to help me buy or sell a home, I’m calling those guys”.

If you follow Chris & Berna and their writings you will also quickly find out how they feel about things. You probably will decide from reading what they write, the chances of you guys getting along. You can probably tell if you would make a good team.

Have a need right now? Want to learn something about Tooele County real estate every day? Call Berna 435-840-5029