It’s Happening in Tooele County Again-New vs Used

New or Used Home This Spring

It’s happening in Tooele county again. New home vs used? It happens every spring.

With the coming of a new season the age old home buying question of whether to buy a used house or one newly built that has never been lived in seems to be on a lot of minds.

There is no way to answer that question without knowing a lot more about the overall circumstances surrounding the question. So I won’t even try.

I can and will do a couple of things however.

  1. Give you Berna Sloans phone number.
  2. Post a number of blog posts we have published over the year that talks about buying new homes in Tooele County and the advantages of new construction.

I am giving you Bernas contact information because if you are looking to buy a home in Tooele, she is the one you want helping you. Berna has been doing this full time for almost 25 years, and is thought to be as knowledgeable about Real Estate in this area as anyone with or without a license. She can be reached @ 435-840-5029.

I’m not recommending her because she’s my wife, it’s because I know of no one else that has the combined track record of selling both new homes and previously owned houses in the valley.

Berna raised 5 kids sharing her expertise with buyers and sellers alike. No one has the successful track record of selling homes either new or used that Berna does.

Secondly, Berna and I have written extensively about real estate in Tooele Utah and among the hundreds of posts you can find on our blogs, are many offering tips for buying new construction. I have linked to a number of those and hope they help you frame the questions you need to ask before making the decision of whether NEW or USED is the answer!

Here are some articles we wrote. Hope you find them helpful!

New Homes For Sale in Erda Utah From $360,000

Last week we found 3 new homes for sale in Erda Utah from $360,000. They were all horse properties on larger lots. Erda UT is located between Stansbury Park, & Tooele City, with easy freeway access to Salt Lake. There [Read More]

More Reasons To Buy New Construction Homes in Tooele County

There are a lot of reasons to buy new construction homes in Tooele County. A lot of folks say it’s because there is a lack of great resale houses. A lack of great resale inventory is just one of the reasons [Read More]

Tooele Utah Sales of New Homes Heating UP

Have you noticed that in Tooele Utah sales of new homes is heating up? At least the number of new construction listings is way out of whack. Of the 182 listings available for sale on the multiple listing service, 76 [Read More]

Why Building 100 New Homes is Good For Tooele County UT

You need to stay with me on this. I want to tell you why building 100 new homes is good for Tooele County UT. It’s good for all of us. No matter if you are one of the buyers of [Read More]

Reasons To Buy New Construction Home In Tooele UT

Reasons To Buy New Construction Home In Tooele UT When you are deciding between buying a new house versus an existing house, there are different things to compare. Each has some advantages and disadvantages. The better fit for you will depend [Read More]

What If I Wait A Year To Buy A Home in Tooele County

Don't wait to buy a house

A lot of conversations lately start off with “what if I wait a year to buy a home in Tooele County”? Part of the reason for the question is that with inventory so tight out here home buyers are looking [Read More]

Those posts should give you an idea of what we know about buying new construction homes vs previously owned houses.

Plus give you ideas about how you can use us, (at least Berna) for Tooele County real estate in the future.

I hope that you signed up for one of our blogs while you were there (at least one) so that we can stay in touch, and be considered your go-to source for future needs.

What Others Say About New vs Used

Before I sign off I would like to link you up with some other articles that deal with the dilemma. These are articles written by respected industry professionals not affiliated with us or with the Tooele real estate market.

They are dealing solely with outlining the benefits or drawbacks associated with selecting a subdivision, finding a floor plan you like, picking a lot and ordering the construction of a new house, against finding a neighborhood you like, looking at the listings and making an offer on a used house.

See what you think of these.

The Pros and Cons of Buying a New vs. Pre-owned Home … ...

When researching the advantages of disadvantages of buying new versus a pre- owned home, make sure you weigh your personal experience …

New Home vs Resale Which is Right for You

A newly built home or a resale home — which is right for you? … Or a previously owned home that may need fix-ups, paint jobs, and walls moved around to …

Should You Buy a New Home or an Old Home? | The Truth About ...

Aug 22, 2018 … … match-up, this time we’ll compare buying a new home versus purchasing an existing one. For the record, some home builders will refer to.

That should keep us all busy for awhile. Plenty to consider.

But… The thing I would like you to consider most of all as you decide what’s best for you and your family.

Who is going to help you?

I hope that you will consider Berna Sloan. She knows this business. I won’t say she is waiting for your call, but I will say “she will be glad you did”. So will you!

Call her; Berna Sloan 435-840-5029.

Good luck.