Is Now The Time To Buy A Home in Tooele County

New or used
Buy a new or used Tooele home.

One question I get a lot is, “is now the time to buy a home in Tooele County?”

I hate that question.

The obvious answer is YES! But then you would expect that. I’m in the business.

But the fact is that with the exception of the high interest rate days of the Carter years and the recent Real Estate bubble, a YES answer would have been correct.

Owning your own home is almost always better than renting, and owning that house in a rural growing area like Tooele County offers a ton of additional advantages.

But…..Some seasons of the year are better than others.

This article by my friends at KCM deals with that and I thought you might find it helpful. There is a lot of additional info about home buying you might find helpful.


That about does it. Lots of great info here.{ I hope}. Save it or at least save this blog. I post a lot about Real Estate in Tooele County and you can keep current about the market, see any new listings that might be of interest, and continue to learn about buying and selling houses.

I’m hoping when the time comes and you are looking for a local agent to team up with, you will remember who knows a lot about this business, is willing to share that knowledge and who seems like they could be fun to work with.

Then……You will call me, Berna Sloan 435-840-5029. Just ask, Is now the time to buy a home in Tooele County?