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I get a lot of calls that start out with, “tell me how to find out more about Tooele real estate”.

I don’t know what more I can do. I post real estate stuff 3 to 4 times a week on my blog, say something on Facebook about the market at least once a day, and send an email to my list of over 5,000 folks once or twice a month, and whenever anything really important that could effect house values comes up.

Either you’re not on my list or somehow you are absent when I’m trying to reach you.

So, let me try something new.

Each week I’m going to curate some of my best offerings regarding Tooele real estate. I will package 4 or 5 of them in one post and send it out via my blog platform.

Maybe I will even copy and paste it and send as an email quasi newsletter.

This week I am sending you:

  • Homes in Pickett Lane in Stansbury Park UT
  • Price reduction on a 5 Bedroom home in Tooele UT
  • How to find houses for sale in Stansbury Park Utah
  • 5 Bedroom homes under $300,000 listed in Tooele County

Hope you find something you like and we have helped  you learn how to find out more about real estate in Tooele County.



Read Bernas Tooele Real Estate Blog.

Berna posted some great info on her Tooele UT Real Estate blog this week.  Most people that visit our websites are looking for houses to buy in a specific area. These posts are helpful to many of our clients and are a great way to get started  finding homes and condos that might be worth visiting.

The article about new homes being built in Pickett Lane in Stansbury has a lot of links to other new construction in the area. The posts that deal with particular numbers of bedrooms shows how to narrow your search to include only those homes that fit what you are looking for. The links on these pages will help you travel other pages that might be of interest.

Stansbury Park New Homes in Pickett Lane

This week 5 Stansbury Park new homes in Pickett Lane were listed as new construction. It looks like the new home building season is here. We will try to let you know of any new homes being built in the County each week, but you can track all of the new…

– See more at:

Price Reduced 5 Bedroom Tooele Home

Price reduced 5 Bedroom Tooele Home -1265 N 690 E Maple Hills, Tooele – Announcing a price reduction on 1265 N 690 E, a 3,070 sq. ft., 3 bath, 5 bdrm single story. …………………….. Now $247,900 – . Property information This new price is less…

– See more at:

Find Homes For Sale in Stansbury Park UT

Find Homes For Sale in Stansbury Park UT There are a number of ways to find homes for sale in Stansbury Park UT . In the old days you would just jump in the car, drive the neighborhood, find a house with a for sale sign in front of it, call the number…

– Search 4 Bedroom Homes For Sale in Tooele County UT

There are a number of ways to search 4 bedroom homes for sale in Tooele County . We think the best way is to use our website, Tooele UT listings . It not only lists every 4 bedroom home available no matter which Real Estate agent represents the seller,…

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Homes in Tooele UT With 5 Bedrooms or More

Searching new listings for homes in Tooele UT with 5 bedrooms or more last week brought up a few you might want to look at. They are all under $300,000, with a very attractive cost per square foot. Three of the homes are in Tooele City , and 2 are in…

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We plan to re-post a lot of Bernas Tooele Real Estate blog posts this year. It is a great place for price conscious buyers to compare prices with homes for sale in the Salt Lake Valley. We also think that commercial buyers and fix and flip investors will find great opportunities in Tooele County.



I hope this works and we have been successful at bringing you interesting and useful real estate information.

That’s our goal.

Well, that and trying to convince you how smart we are, and why you should want to work with us when you need an agent.

On second thought, I could probably saved a lot of time by suggesting to those that want to know how to find out more about real estate in Tooele County; Just call Berna Sloan 435-840-5029.