Why Choose a Home Inspector In Tooele UT

your home inspector
your home inspector

An often asked question is “why choose a home inspector in Tooele UT“. My answer generally creates a much broader debate about why one is needed at all. Some of the responses I get are:

  • I’m pretty handy I can check these things out myself.
  • Your my agent, aren’t you responsible to tell me what’s wrong?
  • My father in law used to be a contractor, I’ll have him come take a look.
  • This home passed final inspection from the city just last week, why do it again?
  • I don’t need one, the sellers disclosures did not indicate any problems.

I hope the rest of this post will help clarify that question. I think it does with one exception. Regarding having passed a Tooele City inspection, implies inspecting a new home, one that has just been built. It may seem counter intuitive, but that inspection is just to determine if the home was built to code and is livable that day. That inspection neither  warrants nor implies anything more than that. Even the on site agent is not responsible for pointing out any deficiencies with construction. They are hired and work for the builder. (see my post, buying new construction).

Why Tooele Home Buyers Should Hire Their Own Home Inspector 

After you’ve found your dream home and you’re reviewing all of the paperwork so you can sit down to the closing table, there are a few important things that require attention and an unbiased assessment. Foremost among these is are the sellers delivering what I think I bought.

As a home inspection is among the last steps in the transfer of the home, and you are caught up in the excitement and stress of dealing with last minute closing details, it’s very important to find the right independent person for the job. They are totally independent and have no emotional attachment to the outcome of what is found or in some cases not found. They give you unbiased information, you make a choice whether something needs to be fixed prior to occupancy or you can move forward and remedy after settlement.

Here are some short comments about those “other people” you might rely on and why it may not be a good idea.

  • Self: We’ve already dealt with why  you are the last one qualified to do this. TIME & EMOTION!
  • Parents: There are many reasons why this is not a good idea. How about 1?  They may not want you to move.
  • Brother in law: Anyone have one that is a know it all?
  • Agent: In too many cases they are not qualified, and many more the can be ….. well let’s just say disinsentevised. (if that’s even a word.)

Inspection & Good Local Agent Protects You

Purchasing a home in Tooele Utah is among the most important and expensive decisions you will ever make, and for this reason it’s necessary to hire a professional that has experience with how a home should function. Because there are so many things that make a house run smoothly, the right inspector will be able to assess any major issues for you so that you’re not forced to pay a high price for fix-ups when the deal is already set in stone.  A good local Tooele agent will have written your offer to buy in a way that will allow you to step away from the deal w/out penalty if the seller refuses to correct any deficiencies uncovered in the inspection report.

What The Local Inspector Will Look For

There are a number of things a home inspector will look at that encompass all of the main functioning systems of a house, and this should determine if your home will be a good investment for you. There will be items that need regular or routine maintenance that will be identified, but the most important issues like a cracking home foundation or mold can be a major expense. From start to finish, a home inspector will be able to give you a written report of any minor and major issues that will help you determine the value of your investment.

How To Choose a Home Inspector in Tooele UT

One of the most important factors when it comes to the right inspector is experience, and no piece of paper can make up for this. While your inspector should certainly have professional certification from organizations like the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) or the International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO), they should have a number of years under their belt and have seen enough to know what to look for. If you can, you may want to seek a referral from someone else or contact a former client of the inspector you’re considering. Looking for an inspector with a website is a good indicator that they are in business for the long haul and not just a Johnny (or Jennie) come lately. Don’t be afraid to contact referrals w/ a phone call.

My favorite piece of advise regarding inspections is to get a list of inspectors that your Tooele real estate agent has used and been happy with.  But…. get that list BEFORE you have a property under contract.


There are many items to think about  when buying a new home, but finding the right inspector can eliminate a lot of potential problems. It can determine many years from now whether you made the right decision or if you should have spent more time investigating the property. .

If you’re thinking of looking at Tooele homes for sale and would like to discuss this in detail please give me a call. I have worked with just about every Home inspector in Tooele County over the last 20+ years so I can help.  I know who delivers, and who just goes thru the motions.

As far as agents go, I’d like to be yours. Check me out. My bio is on my website, About Berna Sloan. That shows what I’ve done and hopefully what I can do for you. To find out how i think about stuff you might like to read my blog, Tooelerealestate.

Or you can just call me. Berna Sloan 435-840-5029. My partner in all things, Chris and I would love to make your home search as easy but professional as possible.

Among other things we sure know why to choose a home inspector in Tooele UT.


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