Home Buyer Relocation Tips Tooele Utah

Home Buyer Relocation Tips Tooele Utah

Enjoy the rural life in Tooele UT

I get a lot of questions from out of state buyers asking about relocating to Tooele UT. Generally it is in conjunction with a question about how close to Salt Lake their new home would be. Out of state folks are surprised to learn that the major population centers of the county are only 25 to 30 miles by freeway.

Talk about surprised, I’m equally surprised to learn that most locals, (Salt Lakers) don’t realize that drive time to some of the neighborhoods in the southern part of the Valley is great than time in the car if they lived in Lake Point or Stansbury Park UT.

Tooele UT Home Buyer Relocation Resources

Relocating to a new area can be difficult. There are several things to evaluate including school ratings, local amenities, crime statistics, taxes and traveling to employment. Below you will find helpful Tooele UT Home Buyer Relocation Resources.

Schools and Tooele UT Home Prices

The ranking of a school system is a consideration for both families with school-age children and homeowners without. A good school system has a positive impact on real estate prices, as well as home growth in value. You can check out local schools in the process of your search for a home. Sites such as also GreatSchools.org offer general facts.

Features of the Neighborhood

The convenience of recreational venues, retail stores, and other amenities are valuable considerations and can affect your quality of living. Sites such as Yelp.com provide the proximity of entertainment facilities, grocery stores, doctors offices, restaurants, and banks in relation to a specific address. Be sure to make a list of your most needed amenities and provide that list to your real estate representative if it is a critical factor in your neighborhood selection.

Crime Statistics in Tooele UT

Crime statistics in a community can have an effect on real estate prices, as well as the general neighborhood quality. Ask the local police department for details or visit crime on the internet at sites like CrimeReports.com. There may also be smart phone applications that offer similar information.

Tooele UT Municipal Tax Rates

Real Estate taxes may vary greatly from one neighborhood to another and have a significant impact on affordability. Tax information are posted online, at municipal offices, or from a local Realtor or Mortgage Consultant. When researching prices in a city or town, be sure to calculate estimates for both loan payments and property taxes.

Commuting Distance to Work

The distance to major highways can impact not only driving time but also property prices. Living close to major roadways has its advantages and disadvantages but will increase value to homes in certain cases and will decrease it in others. Speak to a local Realtor regarding this. You may have to find middle ground between commuting distance and home prices.

Tooele UT Home Buyer Relocation Resources

Real estate professionals are a valuable resource when it comes to Tooele UT home buyer relocation resources. They are familiar with the neighborhoods, stay up to date on the local markets, and will help make searching for and purchasing a home less complicated. Let me put my experience to work for you. Connect with me, Berna Sloan at Group1 Real Estate, by calling 435-840-5029 or emailing bernadettefive@yahoo.com