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Do you know the best place to learn about Tooele UT real estate and to find all of the homes for sale in Tooele County? Let me give you a hint.

It’s right here on The Group1 Real Estate website, and the various blogs that are associated with Chris and Berna Sloans business.

Actually they have 3 websites. Each one is designed to help them bring you information about whats going on in the Tooele market. You can find reference pages on each site that addresses long term topics and stuff that is not likely to change one day to the next. For more volatile news, each site has a built in blog to help them deliver up to the minute tips and advice about buying and selling a house in Tooele County. This would include the IDX link that shows all of the property listed for sale in the county. The link is updated every 15 minutes or when required so you never miss a new house in your price range.

No matter who listed the property, it will show up on each one of the website as soon as it hits the market.

Not only are they helpful for Chris & Berna, but they are tools that you can use to find local information, the latest homes on the market, and other tips to make your home buying experience simple and fun.


I hope all of you keep up with Bernas blog about real estate in Tooele County. If not, but you are thinking of buying or selling a house in the future, you should.

But …..In case you missed out this past week, her is a re-cap of some of the things she felt might be important to our clients.

If you are not a client yet, no worries. That’s what this whole blogging thing is about. We hope you will find some of the things we write about to be interesting enough (if not helpful) that you will call of us when you need an agent. Worst case, you will think of us when someone asks ‘who do you think I should call to list my house.’?

Last weeks topics would be of interest to folks wanting to know about the percentage of  price increases in the various cities in Tooele County, and to those peeps debating whether it is better to buy a new home or a used house.

Then she touched on the lack of inventory in Stansbury Park and offered 4 reasons a seller should consider listing this fall.

Finally, In a fit of self promotion, (not my self, but her self) I did a brag post about Berna being named Tooele Realtor of the year. You are probably used to an article like that as this is the 5th time in 7 years I have watched her walk away with this very prestigious award.

Here they are…..So…. Enjoy, the best place to learn about Tooele real estate and please think of us when you need a REALTOR!

How Have Home Prices Increased In Tooele County

One question I get a lot is, how have home prices increased in Tooele County . In most cases I can say pretty darned well. In all cases I say I don’t give investment advice.  BUT……….Certain types of homes appreciate [Read More]

Building VS Buying Existing Homes In Tooele County

A lack of inventory has created a huge interest in building VS buying homes in Tooele County advice. As prospective buyers see the number of homes in the desired price point diminish, there is a much greater need than ever [Read More]

Stansbury Park UT-Four reasons to Sell House This Fall

Home buyers need inventory out here. So, to get some I’m giving you owners in Stansbury Park UT four reasons to sell a house this fall. None are very original I’m afraid, but may just remind you that it could [Read More]

Realtor of Year Tooele Utah-Berna Sloan a winner-AGAIN!

They said it not me, Realtor of the Year for Tooele Utah, Berna Sloan a winner, AGAIN. Five of the last 7 years Berna has taken home the academy award of Tooele Real Estate. Once more she was recognized by TCAR [Read More]

There you have them.

Hope they were of value, and you will continue to follow us on either our website or one of our Blogs. Bernas blog can be read by clicking on Tooele real estate. You can find mine right here at Tooelehomes4sale/blog.

Or… Give us a call @ 435-840-5029. We’d love to help.

And… remember, this is the best place to learn about Tooele UT real estate.