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Tooele County is a great place to live

Did you catch Chris’s blog yesterday about living in Tooele County Utah? He posted a good article on his website that had to do with reasons to consider Tooele County as a good place to live and raise a family.

Chris talked about 3 of the things people think of when they think of looking at homes, and moving their family to our neck of the woods.

Chris calls them myths and I call them misconceptions. Either way you look at it they amount to the same thing.  IE: Predetermined faulty reasons why people from Salt Lake are reluctant to even look for a new home to buy in Tooele County.

I’m going to share this article with you just in case you are considering a move and Tooele is not a place you are considering.

Here is what he had to say


2018-03-06 09:30:00

The Truth Of 3 Myths About Living in Tooele County Utah

Living in Tooele CountyTime to know the truth of 3 myths about living in Tooele County Utah. There are a lot more, but I’m saving those for another time.

It’s no secret, we love living and working in Tooele County.

The benefits of a semi-rural, small-town lifestyle, combined with being a half hour from the craziness that is the Wasatch Front makes for the ideal place to live.

However, Tooele has been a well kept secret for a long time.

Few people know about the many new subdivisions in Tooele City, or the new construction taking place on large half acre lots in Grantsville and Erda Utah. The new houses that Ivory homes is building in Stansbury Park has added an option for new home buyers that rivals some of their Salt Lake developments, but for a lot less money.

It’s about time you knew!  And got rid of reasons that may or may not have been valid in the past, but are really myths…

This reason, the one that Chris calls Myth #1, is distance. It has always been a false perception. Furthermore the more Salt Lake grows, and becomes congested, the less valid it is. By distance people mean driving time. Nothing adds to driving time like stop and go driving. Almost the entire drive to Tooele County, especially Stansbury Park and the rapidly developing city of Lake Point are by freeway. Freeway driving is short mile driving. Freeway, all the way!

Myth #1- ‘Tooele is SO FAR Away!’

The old Steadmans commercial that talked about Tooele being ‘300 miles out, but only 30 miles back’ was a great play on this myth. However, it was half right!

For folks that work in downtown SLC, and live in most parts of the Salt Lake valley, I can beat you to work, in much less traffic!

If you’re a fan of transit, we have service that is constantly growing!

From the International Center, it’s not even a contest…

Myth #2- ‘There’s Nothing To Do In Tooele!’


The reality is quite different. Movies, bowling, museums, fishing, hunting, hiking, shopping, youth sports programs and a world class race track with the best go carts I’ve ever driven…

I spent the weekend with clients with small kids. Explaining why we are a great place to raise your kids is easy…

Myth #3- I Can’t Afford to Live That Far Away…‘-

Biggest myth of them all. January numbers from the WFRMLS show quite clearly that Tooele County has it all over SL County. our median sales price for that period was $239K. SL County? Try $296K! I can find a lot to do with an extra $45-50k…

The reality is, Tooele County is growing.

Folks don’t want to move any further north or south along the Wasatch Front. Most can’t even consider going east to Summit County ($780K!!!).

The answer is West.

Check out the homes and prices listed in Tooele County 

With a dozen different builders working out here, our secret won’t stay that way forever.

Now is a great time to come discover our little secret…

Want to know more? Give Berna or me a call, Chris Sloan 435-840-5029. We’d love for you to know the truth of the 3 myths about living in Tooele County Utah

My Thoughts on Tooele County Living

Still think Tooele County is not for you?

Well after reading this, you are still not a little bit interested, you may be right.

But……… if you are moved by location, activity and the money saving opportunities of this wonderful place to raise a family, I suggest 3 more steps:

  1. Read more information that I have published about Tooele County
  2. Check out my Bio
  3. Give me a call. Let me see if I can help.

My number is 435-840-5029, Berna Sloan.

Just say you would like to talk more about living in Tooele County Utah.