Building VS Buying Existing Homes In Tooele County

Buy new home construction in Tooele County

A lack of inventory has created a huge interest in building VS buying homes in Tooele County advice. As prospective buyers see the number of homes in the desired price point diminish, there is a much greater need than ever before to examine the differences between buying brand new construction or waiting for the right home at the right price in the correct neighborhood to appear. And then …… hoping your agent can get the seller to accept your offer.

Building Versus Purchasing Existing Properties In Tooele Utah

When buying a home you have a couple of choices. New or existing. For new properties, you have the choice to construct a new home already built in a platted subdivision, ( called a spec home), or purchase a lot from a builder and negotiate a price to build a certain plan on that lot. Generally that is a package deal. IE: house and plan to be built for a listed price.  There are positives and negatives to both. Each has their own subtleties, but to get into those you need to call me. I have sold hundreds of new homes as well as having over 25 years experience in the resale market

Below is some more information on building versus purchasing properties in Tooele Utah.

Purchasing a Previously Owned Property

Buying a previously owned property is a simpler task than constructing one. There are not as many tasks when the property is fully constructed and everything is already installed. Time lines and costs are also more finite. However, existing homes may not be as unique, particularly if they are located in subdivisions with similar designs. They can also lack some features or amenities that you desire and require renovations after you complete the purchase. You should evaluate options and costs with a construction company prior to moving forward with a purchase.

Here are links to all house listings in the 6 major areas in the county to start comparison.

Building a Custom or Semi Custom Property

Constructing a custom property is a fun process, but it does include some challenges. I am using custom in its broadest terms here and realize that in the real estate world the “custom” terminology most often refers to a very expensive home built from a plan available only to the buyer.

Custom properties in this sense means that it is custom to YOU re/ color, finishes treatments and small variations to a stock plan that you want in your family home. IE: Small changes in a pre selected builder plan that can be constructed to your specifications. This allows you to include all features that you desire and to make your property truly unique. Read my buying new home construction page

On the other hand, having a home constructed is far from simple. First and foremost, it may be challenging to find and purchase land. Once you find it, it might not be located in the community setting that you were hoping for. The building process also requires a lot of thought and time to complete and with many selections to make along the way. The final cost can range depending on factors such as upgrades, design changes and unexpected issues. Lastly, finding an experienced builder is critical when considering building vs buying existing homes in Tooele County. I can help with that as I have worked with most of the builders in Tooele County and have a good understanding of the craftsmanship as well as the integrity of each one.

Here are new homes Listed in the 6 major Cities in Tooele County that have been built in 2017 for comparison

Building Versus Purchasing Listed Properties In Tooele Utah

A local real estate broker and a local home builder can assist you with comparing the options of building versus purchasing pre-owned properties in Tooele Utah.

Differences primarily include preparation, time lines, expenses, and possible amenities. Naturally, some of these factors will be more critical to you than others.

I’d like to help you make that decision, and think I’m qualified to do that no matter which way you are leaning.

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