Benefits of Buying a New Home in Tooele County

Buying new homes in Tooele County
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Yesterday I came across an older blog article that lists the top  benefits of buying a new home in Tooele County. Because of the market out here, and because the builder that published the post is building houses in Tooele ,thought it was worth passing on.

What I mean is with prices for existing homes appreciating so rapidly in the area there might be some great value to be had by searching thru new homes for sale in the County

Keep in mind a couple of things.

  1. Even though I am going to link you to a particular builders website, when it comes to looking at new home construction be sure you have your own representation.
  2. The agent greeting you at the model home is working on the builders behalf.
  3. Click on my page about buying a new home in Tooele UT.

Here is the post from the Perry homes website from a couple of years ago. I have added some of my own thoughts to the  benefits of buying a new home in Tooele County.


5 Benefits of Building a New Home

If you’re looking for a new home, you may be debating between buying an existing home and building a new home. Every family has different needs, but building a new home has some distinct advantages. Here are the top five.

When we talk about building New Homes, we don’t just mean selecting a lot and a plan & starting from the ground up. We include buying spec homes that builders have in inventory that are either completed or near completion. In many cases contractors build out to paint and finish and wait until a buyer selects the house and picks those colors and trim.

1. Reduced Maintenance

Older homes have seen years of wear and tear that mean they may be out of date, or require repairs. If you don’t have the skill set and tools to do the repairs yourself, you will have to pay a professional a lot of money to do the work for you. Even if you have the tools and know-how to do the work on your own, you may have other things you want to spend your time on. Building a new home eliminates the inconvenience and financial burden of repairing an older house.

If you are a move up buyer, it is a good thing to go over maintenance costs of the current home to see just what owning an older house is costing you. Don’t forget to figure on deferred costs. (expense you have put off but know must be dealt with).

2. Increased Efficiency

Newer homes are built with more energy efficient materials than homes from previous decades because building codes are stricter. They will take less work to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They are also stocked with new appliances, which allows you to choose appliances that use fewer resources. Build a new home and enjoy the savings that come with a lower utility bill.

When  buying new construction, builders will often allow as an upgrade certain features that may be something you have always wanted. IE: Wiring, added insulation or solar panels. Have your agent negotiate these upgrades as builders have a tendency to inflate the price to accommodate you. An experienced agent will make sure those “ad on” features are negotiated prior to a purchase contract being offered.

3. Modern Safety Standards

Building codes have been updated in recent years and standards are stricter. This means newer homes are safer and stronger. While established homes in older neighborhoods are charming, they were built when safety standers were more lenient. Even if it is possible to update an older home to current standards, it could prove more expensive and time consuming than building a new home.

New homes, because of technology should be SAFER, CLEANER, WARMER, COOLER, SMARTER and more efficient than ever before.

4. Communities with Amenities

Building a home in a new development means you get to take advantage of new amenities. New developments frequently include community recreational centers, gyms, and community lawn maintenance. Newer communities also often have access to newer technology and infrastructure. It costs a lot for companies to update existing setups in older neighborhoods, but in new areas the plumbing, electricity, and internet access will all be up to date.

This is where a local, experienced agent is worth their weight in gold. Many of the amenities in newer subdivisions will be completed near the end of build out. An agent that knows the developers, that attends planning commission meetings, and understands new construction can advise about the likelihood of a complete as promised new home project.

5. Customization

Buying an existing home inevitably means you have to compromise, but if you build a new home you can customize it to your needs. Building a home in a new development gives you the opportunity to choose materials and colors that suit your taste. You can decide what size of home is right for you and, in new developments, you can sometimes even pick the specific lot. Instead of settling for a layout that you don’t love, choose a floor plan that is exactly what you want.

Building a new home gives you flexibility. You will spend less money on maintenance, save money on utilities, enjoy the security of modern standards, take advantage of new amenities, and have the freedom to customize.

This is where the concept of “The American Dream” is fulfilled. It is highly unlikely that buying a pre owned home will give you the house that you always dreamed about. There will be trade offs. But…When you opt for a new home those trade offs could be minimal If you partner up with a good local, professional real estate agent that knows about buying new houses in Tooele Utah you can get darned close..

I want to remind you again (I think it makes the 3rd or 4th time) that when looking at new homes to buy in Tooele County, you hire a good agent to work with you. It shouldn’t cost a cent. It should be FREE. But it can mean plenty of $$$$$$ to you. Plus less heartburn!

If you have an agent, great; now you know what to expect of them. If not, I’d like to apply for the job. Check out my bio, “about Berna” to see what I have done for hundreds of clients during my 20+ years in Tooele real estate (full time). If that’s not enough horn tooting to convince you we should talk then click on my blog to read  what I have written about Real Estate in Tooele UT and specifically about buying new construction.

And if you are in a hurry, call me, Berna Sloan  435-840-5029. Let’s start talking about 5 benefits of buying a new home in Tooele County.